Hot Yoga Inc. Teacher Training Summer 2018
14 Day Power Intensive - June 18th to July 1st
14 Day Hatha Intensive - July 8th to July 21st
5 Day Foundations of Yoga - 2 Dates Offered:
June 18th to June 22nd and July 8th to July 12th
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Restore and Heal


Incredible Energy


Increase Balance


Lose Weight


Hear what our students have to say...

  • "I am so pleased to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for Hot Yoga Inc. in Kirkland, the facility and entire staff.  Ashley's enthusiasm and leadership makes practicing at Kirkland the highlight of my day.  Keep up the great work!"

    Jim J.

  • "I am the owner and chief instructor at a local traditional Karate school (Goju Karate Center in Kent). I've been doing hot yoga at Hot Yoga Inc. since June of 2012 and have loved it since day 1. Hands down, it has been the best supplement to my karate life in over 20 years. Teaching and living the Karate-Way is incredibly fulfilling, but like any teacher I needed something outside of my field in which I could simply be the student again, so that i could get some new insights into my art from a different perspective. Hot Yoga has enhanced my karate incredibly, and in countless ways for me, and by extension, my Dojo (Karate school). Because of Hot Yoga Inc., I am better, and so I feel it helps me to bring an even better experience to my students. In fact, during the summer we have Black Belt testing. As part of the training plan I've brought numerous students to your studio as they prepare for their final black belt test. This year in particular my two black belt candidates and I (and my son, and several other training cadre members), have been attending classes at least four times a week. I don't mean to be immodest, but I can truly say we are in great shape and Hot Yoga Inc. and all its staff and instructors are a big part of that. Hot Yoga is a great compliment to a strong karate training regime. P.S. I'm a former Marine Corps Officer and know an outstanding fitness fitness (and otherwise) program when I see it. Hot Yoga Inc. is it! P.S.S. I used to lift weights and run a lot. Not so good for my joints anymore. Hot Yoga is perfect for my 45 year old body."

    Jesse T.

  • "I've been coming for years.  It's a great way to decompress and ease my stress levels.  Even if I come feeling tired I always leave relaxed and re-energized."

    Naomi C.

  • "This is my second class.  I plan to finish my 10 in 2 weeks!"

    Leesa J.

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