Lose weight

Hot yoga increases rapid cell turnover giving your skin a radiant glow!


Hot yoga increases white blood cell production boosting your immune system!

Look and feel great

Hot yoga produces endorphins that make everything more pleasurable!

Relieve chronic pain

Hot yoga creates physical & mental flexibility which helps you focus on what matters most!

Hear what our students have to say...

  • "I started a year and a half ago.  After my first class I was hooked and quickly realized the challenging Power classes would help achieve a level of fitness I could never reach with my usual routine.  I now practice five days a week, and have logged over 200 hours of class time.  In addition to the physical challenge, I also enjoy the sense of community and truly feel like a part of the family there".

    Kevin N.

  • "I love my hot yoga practice.  My mind, my body, my skin and spirit feel great!"

    Maureen M.

  • "In three months I lost almost half of me.  Went from a size eight to a size two!  Transformation is amazing!  Even my bones feel better!"

    Nellie C.

  • "I've been coming for years.  It's a great way to decompress and ease my stress levels.  Even if I come feeling tired I always leave relaxed and re-energized."

    Naomi C.

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