Hot Yoga Inc. Teacher Training Summer 2018
14 Day Power Intensive - June 18th to July 1st
14 Day Hatha Intensive - July 8th to July 21st
5 Day Foundations of Yoga - 2 Dates Offered:
June 18th to June 22nd and July 8th to July 12th
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Restore and Heal


Incredible Energy


Increase Balance


Lose Weight


Hear what our students have to say...

  • I have a temper. I'm not proud of it. I was angry most of the time. It led to a lot of destroyed relationships and bad choices. It also led to some health problems. I'm working a job where it is very stressful and my body aches most of time. Hot Yoga Inc. changed me forever. It removes most of my negative energy, brings inner peace, and fills me up with confidence. Great workout and wonderful new experience. I feel sexy after each class. Instructors, and the people (besides me) attending these classes are nice and friendly. Thank you Hot Yoga Inc!

    Kevin C.

  • "I come to hot yoga for relaxation.  It's the best way to loosen up my tight muscles and have a good sweat."

    Larry S.

  • "I started taking hot yoga 3 years ago, looking for an exercise to get me out of the drudgery of the gym routine that just wasn't working.  I'd been a dancer most of my life and never found anything that compared until hot yoga. The community and evergy here is amazing!  I love Hot Yoga Inc!"

    Jen C.

  • "Power yoga is my favorite class. It has shaped my body so much and I never even dread going to class."

    Rachel D.

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