Lose weight

Hot yoga increases rapid cell turnover giving your skin a radiant glow!


Hot yoga increases white blood cell production boosting your immune system!

Look and feel great

Hot yoga produces endorphins that make everything more pleasurable!

Relieve chronic pain

Hot yoga creates physical & mental flexibility which helps you focus on what matters most!

Hear what our students have to say...

  • "I love the variety of classes and clean facility.  I love the challenge!  It keeps me lean!  I can take class in Mill Creek when I visit my parents, I can take in Seattle when I'm training clients, and in Bellevue when i'm home.  I love it!"

    Laine M.

  • "I started practicing at HYI 5 years ago and was instantly hooked! Hot yoga works. It makes me feel good inside and out. I see the results. Physically yes, but most importantly, the mental clarity and well-being are priceless. Are you ready to feel your best? Can't wait to see you in class."

    Lorraine P.

  • "Power yoga is my favorite class. It has shaped my body so much and I never even dread going to class."

    Rachel D.

  • Linda, Thought you would enjoy this, my 25 year old daughter get a early morning Yoga workout in La Quinta. Love the simplicity, thanks for introducing me to Hot Yoga Inc. Dave

    Dave M.

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