Lose weight

Hot yoga increases rapid cell turnover giving your skin a radiant glow!


Hot yoga increases white blood cell production boosting your immune system!

Look and feel great

Hot yoga produces endorphins that make everything more pleasurable!

Relieve chronic pain

Hot yoga creates physical & mental flexibility which helps you focus on what matters most!

Hear what our students have to say...

  • "I love to stretch and sweat, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment and I feel so energized."

    Barbara B.

  • "I have lost inches and I feel great.  It's the one thing I do for myself."

    Jill H.

  • "For me, hot yoga is the process of learning to love one self with an open heart and appreciating the abilities that your body possess. After every class, I am thrilled that I chose to give this time to myself to practice. It's truly a wonderful gift to give to yourself."

    Maria H.

  • "I really love yoga!  Yoga is great!"

    Blanca R.

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