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Hear what our students have to say...

  • "Joining Hot Yoga Inc. has been a life changing experience for me.  I feel happier & healthier.  The Power classes have helped me strengthen and tone, while the Hatha classes give me focus.  I'm in it for life!"

    Lisa R.

  • "I love hot yoga cause it's amazing.  Makes me feel good every time I'm here.  It's amazing!"

    Missy S.

  • "I love Hot Yoga Inc. because each class is different. Even if you come to the same class with the same teacher they always mix it up. This is great for me! I get bored of the same routine."

    Andrea W.

  • "I started yoga about 4 months ago and I can already feel the difference.  I love how flexible I'm getting and my body is toning more and more!  My goal is to keep improving."

    Addie M.

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