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Lose weight

Hot yoga increases rapid cell turnover giving your skin a radiant glow!


Hot yoga increases white blood cell production boosting your immune system!

Look and feel great

Hot yoga produces endorphins that make everything more pleasurable!

Relieve chronic pain

Hot yoga creates physical & mental flexibility which helps you focus on what matters most!

Hear what our students have to say...

  • "I come because I feel awesome after.  It makes me feel happy, joyous and free!"

    Brett F.

  • I dropped 27 lbs. in my first 90 days at Hot Yoga Inc. and have kept if off and my blood pressure went from 146/96 to to 125/80.  I brought my daughter and at least 5 friends that still do it.  I have no more back pain and when I don't go I just don't feel well.  I love it!

    Jim G.

  • "All are welcome here - no matter skill level, size or sex. Everyone is here for the same reason, to practice yoga."

    Erica S.

  • "After hip surgery I started yoga to try and rehab my body. The knowledge and body awareness I gained from yoga was amazing. I'm so inspired; I hope to complete the HYI Teacher Training soon. Thank you Hot Yoga Inc. for igniting a new passion within me!"

    Sandy Y.

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