Our classes are designed to meet all your health and wellness needs!

All you need is a mat, towel and water.  One hour a day, just 4 times a week, will make you feel better than you could ever have imagined...You are not too old, out of shape, inflexible, or unhealthy to begin the practice of yoga.  Get started today!



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  • Challenging yet simple; methodically moves in your body’s natural range of motion.

  • Deep penetrating heat combined with static stretching & balancing postures.

  • Lengthens your muscle fibers, safely correcting postural imbalances.

  • Sharpens your focus & concentration, improving your mental clarity.

  • Unique cardiovascular training burns fat while cleansing your body & mind of stress related toxins.

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    "Go SEAHAWKS!!!"


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    "A year ago I would have told you exactly what you could do with your Namaste. My military career, followed by the pressures and duties as an executive turned me into an angry, tense person exhibiting all the signs of a corporate type A personality; high blood pressure, back aches, reflux, ulcer and short temper, not to mention a trail of ruined relationships - I was dying from the inside out. I happened to see a sign that said 10 classes for $10 and thought what the heck; I’ll add it to my weekly workout routine. What happened as a result is nothing less than miraculous! In just a short time I was sleeping soundly, waking with more energy, and feeling much more at ease. In the days that have passed I have rid myself of ALL the physical ailments I had been experiencing, and now enjoy a happy, peaceful and productive life. HYI not only taught me to stretch physically, they gave me the courage and confidence to stretch myself professionally resulting in a new and rewarding career. Linda Burch and HYI have had a positive and profound effect on my life, words alone cannot describe my gratitude"

    Jim Drago S.

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    Angela G.

Power Yoga

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Practice 4 times a week for fast results or alternate with other classes.

  • Power yoga combines classic squats and lunges with deep stretching and balancing.

  • Quickly strengthen your muscles, tighten your core and burn body fat.

  • Infrared heat enhances health benefits and maximizes your results.

  • Improves your cardiovascular health.

  • Fun and fresh; one of the most popular methods of fitness today!

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    "I have not felt this strong and peaceful in years.  The instructors are encouraging, helpful & knowledgeable.  This membership was the best birthday present."

    Cheryl C.

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    "I noticed right away that my core was not up to speed which contributed to my back weaknesses. My overall core strength improved immediately. Beyond the physical, I noticed I have become more grounded, calm, and secure in stressful situations in the outside world. I can’t wait to see how I feel in a year!"

    Andrew B.

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    "I come because I feel awesome after.  It makes me feel happy, joyous and free!"

    Brett F.

Yoga Sculpt

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Practicing just 2 times per week will increase bone density, and define and tone your body fast!  Excellent addition to Hatha and Power classes.

  • Intense 60 minute workout combined with heat, dumb bells & basic yoga poses.
  • Rapidly builds muscles and burns body fat.

  • Fun, high-energy and challenging; designed to shape & tone students of all fitness levels.

  • Intensely targeted workout; produces results fast!

  • Hot Yoga Inc. exclusive;  one of our most popular classes!

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    "I enjoy hot yoga Inc because I find my inner peace. It helps me let go of all my days frustrations. Stretches my strained muscles, and helps me relax."

    Ashley F.

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    "I started at the Covington studio with the 10/10 deal in September 2011. Before I even finished I was hooked by the energy and the quality of the instructors.  I just finished my 100th session with Danielle and a sculpt class , with ski season over I can definitively say that hot yoga will make you a better skier as that was my initial goal. Little did I know when I started that I would find a life long endeavor for my mind body and soul."

    Craig P.

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    "I feel great, stronger, more flexible, and fit. Happy to be here!"

    Spencer L.

Yin Yoga

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Accessible to all students.

*To maximize the benefits of Yin, take the class directly before to enhance the relaxation benefits of this effective class.

  • Slow, deep, yet gentle class

  • Cooler room

  • Effectively relieves stiffness in your joints and tightness in your muscles.

  • Done primarily on the floor, and held for longer periods.

  • Uses gravity, rather than effort to open & stretch

  • Focuses on hips, lower spine, ligaments, bones & joints.

  • Heals & prevents injury.

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    "I come to hot yoga for stress relief, weight loss, strength, flexibility, fun!  I miss it when I can't come."

    Sue K.

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    "We love coming to yoga!  It gives us a workout but also helps us relax after a long day!"

    Karli S. Kelsey J. & family

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    Go Seahawks!!!

    Dexter D. & Pierre A.