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  • "My goal for teacher training was to teach just one class. I figured I was farther away from teaching a yoga class than anyone in history. When I started I realized that there were people far more scared than me, and they were looking to me for support. Soon I found myself as a part of a community that I love and I became addicted. And that's my favorite thing about HYI....just being a part of team awesome and having the support to do what I need to do."

    Scotty T.


    Mike Morgan #57 Seattle Seahawks

  • "Hot yoga is a great way to get in shape and the feeling afterwards is amazing!"


  • "Life is so hectic, yoga is my only "me" time. After a long day, I know I can count on yoga to bring me clarity, peace, and the strength to continue on with my day. Not to forget, yoga gave me the booty I never had!"

    Tina K.

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