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  • "It helps me remember to breathe. When I first started practicing hot yoga it was because my friend said it was a good workout. I soon realized that it was so much more than that. As a teenager I was in several car accidents and by the time I reached my 20's I started developing chronic headaches and back pain. I found that after practicing yoga for just a few months, I no longer had a need for the chiropractor and my back pain and headaches were gone. Additionally, my yoga practice has helped me become less stressed and more focused on the positive. I actually don't know who I would be without yoga, it's such a huge part of my life now."

    Ashley S.

  • "Hot Yoga Inc has changed my life.  2+ years in and I'm a changed person both physically (60 pounds less) and spiritually.  I've also met fantastic people who are now my "yogi" friends.  Couldn't imagine life without Yoga every day."

    Gina J.

  • "After 5 classes I already feel like a new person!  Trust me... the nausea will eventually give way to a feeling of being completely centered and raw power."

    Tom K.

  • Hot Yoga Inc. is changing my life. I'm feeling less stress now. Thank you Hot Yoga Inc.

    David S.

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