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Incredible Energy


Increase Balance


Lose Weight


Hear what our students have to say...

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. has increased my energy and self confidence!  I've relieved my chronic back pain and shrunk my love handles.  You can't suck in your back!"

    Lorraine L.

  • "Hot yoga has increased my strength physically while improving my ability to relax in life. Love it!"

    Kim G.

  • "I have found yoga to not only be physically challenging but very mentally relaxing.  It has helped me learn to relax in my work life.  My kids and I use our hot yoga time as family bonding."

    Terri H.

  • "I did not come to Hot Yoga Inc. for a body transformation. I started coming for a mind and spirit transformation. I am well on my way. Yoga practice, not yoga perfect!"

    Tammy K.

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