Hot Yoga Classes

Our classes are designed to meet all your health and wellness needs!

All you need is a mat, towel and water. One hour a day, just 4 times a week, will make you feel better than you could ever have imagined...You are not too old, out of shape, inflexible, or unhealthy to begin the practice of yoga. Get started today!


Challenging yet simple; methodically moves in your body’s natural range of motion.
Deep penetrating heat combined with static stretching & balancing postures.
Lengthens your muscle fibers, safely correcting postural imbalances.
Sharpens your focus & concentration, improving your mental clarity.
Unique cardiovascular training burns fat while cleansing your body & mind of stress related toxins.

Power Yoga

Quickly strengthen your muscles, tighten your core and burn body fat.
Power yoga combines classic squats and lunges with deep stretching and balancing.
Infrared heat enhances health benefits and maximizes your results.
Improves your cardiovascular health.
Practice 4 times a week for fast results or alternate with other classes.
Fun and fresh; one of the most popular methods of fitness today!

Yoga Sculpt

A Hot Yoga Inc. exclusive - one of our most popular classes!
Intense 60 minute workout combined with heat, dumbbells and basic yoga poses.
Rapidly builds muscles and burns body fat.
Practicing just 2 times per week will increase bone density, and define and tone your body fast! <
Excellent addition to Hatha and Power classes.
Fun, high-energy and challenging!

Yin Yoga

Slow, deep, yet gentle class in a cooler room.
Relieves stiffness in your joints and tightness in your muscles.
Done primarily on the floor, and held for longer periods.
Uses gravity, rather than effort to open and stretch.
Focuses on hips, lower spine, ligaments, bones and joints.
Heals and prevents injury.

The Great Yoga Wall

The Great Yoga Wall is a highly engineered belt and socket system that creates the opportunity for students to experience safe inversions, precision alignment, and spinal vitality.

The Great Yoga Wall helps both beginning, intermediate and advanced students learn proper alignment while strengthening muscles that are key to holding postures for an extended period of time.

The Wall teaches a flexible student to align their postures properly so they can then find their full range of motion while strengthening the muscles that will assist them in holding the posture in a more stable, balanced way.

For those who may be stronger and less flexible, the wall can assist in deepening the stretch in a posture through using traction with the straps, barre or swing. The ability to adjust the straps to varying heights helps to create traction and support while allowing the student to access their flexibility in a more stable way.

The Great Yoga Wall is for practitioners of all ages and is like having a personal assistant for every posture you’d like to improve– from warriors, to handstands and backbends!

Students must wear grip socks for sanitary and safety reasons.