It is the only truly hot yoga studio anywhere.

only truly hot yoga studio.

It is the only truly hot yoga studio anywhere.  I have been a member of Hot Yoga Inc since they first opened in the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle. The hot room and excellent teachers drew me in at first, but it’s the wonderful results that made me a regular practitioner for all these ten or so years. When the Northgate studio closed, I, like many others, was heartbroken. It was like losing a close friend. I tried every other yoga studio in a half hour radius from my house and in the end I just decided there was nothing at all close to the heat and the teachers at HYI, so now i drive to Mill Creek. Yup I drive from North Seattle to Mill Creek all the time specifically for HYI.

I tried every “hot” yoga class around and honestly this studio is the ONLY truly hot studio. Hot and sweaty, just the way we want it. I am an avid skier, backpacker, hiker, and I’m an ASL Interpreter for a living. I need my body in tip top shape, and I credit HYI for keeping me strong and healthy. Power, Hatha, Sculpt…..all my favorites in a hot, infrared, and humid heat, to really level up your workout and your health. 🙏

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