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  •   At the end of 2018, I was over 200 lbs. I was very unhappy with the way I looked, especially having gone through periods in my life when I was in much better shape whether it be from running or just leading a more active lifestyle. My work schedule involves a lot of traveling and it is hard to get into a regular routine, or so I thought. My daughter was visiting over the New Years holiday and suggested that we go try out the Yoga place at the bottom of the hill. I agreed and while the class was very hard (it was a Power Yoga class that we stumbled into), I forced myself to push through. I made a commitment to myself that I was going to give this an honest shot and I couldn’t t be happier. In just 5 months, I’ve lost over 25 lbs and my flexibility has improved immensely. My lower back pain has vanished and I look forward to every class to see if I can better my balance and strength even more. I love the variety of instructors, each with their own personality, style and routine. I’m about to turn 53 this week and can honestly say that I’m in some of the best health of my life. Thanks HYI! Bellevue Favorite class: Hatha

    Steven L.

  • After a painful loss, Hot Yoga helped me process the grief. It also helped me with feeling better on a physical level. I am a BELIEVER!!

    Shelly M.

  • "After a 10-year break from hot yoga, I started practicing again (with the support of my surgeon) to help recover from a knee replacement that occurred in 2014. Although the surgery was a success, my knee was frequently stiff and achy.  After just 3 months my knee feels strong, more flexible, and some days it actually feels normal! It hasn't felt this great in a long time. In addition to yoga several days a week, I'm also using acupuncture treatments every other week to postpone a hip replacement.  I feel like I'm taking good care of myself and am delighted with the results! " Leslee T.

    Leslee T.

  • I feel a lot better now that I've been coming.  I'm losing weight and feel better in my clothes.  I even eat better!  Doing it with my hubby is like being on a date every time we come.  It feels like family.

    Kathy and Todd T.

  • "I am the owner and chief instructor at a local traditional Karate school (Goju Karate Center in Kent). I've been doing hot yoga at Hot Yoga Inc. since June of 2012 and have loved it since day 1. Hands down, it has been the best supplement to my karate life in over 20 years. Teaching and living the Karate-Way is incredibly fulfilling, but like any teacher I needed something outside of my field in which I could simply be the student again, so that i could get some new insights into my art from a different perspective. Hot Yoga has enhanced my karate incredibly, and in countless ways for me, and by extension, my Dojo (Karate school). Because of Hot Yoga Inc., I am better, and so I feel it helps me to bring an even better experience to my students. In fact, during the summer we have Black Belt testing. As part of the training plan I've brought numerous students to your studio as they prepare for their final black belt test. This year in particular my two black belt candidates and I (and my son, and several other training cadre members), have been attending classes at least four times a week. I don't mean to be immodest, but I can truly say we are in great shape and Hot Yoga Inc. and all its staff and instructors are a big part of that. Hot Yoga is a great compliment to a strong karate training regime. P.S. I'm a former Marine Corps Officer and know an outstanding fitness fitness (and otherwise) program when I see it. Hot Yoga Inc. is it! P.S.S. I used to lift weights and run a lot. Not so good for my joints anymore. Hot Yoga is perfect for my 45 year old body."

    Jesse T.

  • "I've been a member of Hot Yoga Inc now for about 5 to 6 years, attending the the Bellevue facility. Hot Yoga Inc has been great! The teachers are consistently good: inspiring and motivating.  A number of them are amazing. I've really enjoyed coming to Hot Yoga Inc. It's a great physical workout but also promotes a healthy sense of calm and mindfulness."

    Rob L.

  • "I'm in the wine and spirits industry and I love what I do, but thank God for Hot Yoga Inc. It keeps me fit and one foot out of the coffin!"  

    Shane T.

    479 Classes!

  • "It's an anti-depressant. Every bad phase of my life I've used this for."

    Teri C.

    Member Since 2011

  • "When people come who are heavy, I always try to welcome them.You'll feel better before you look better. It's a safe, welcoming, nurturing place. Its been awesome in my life! I try to share it with as many people possible."

    Rod S.

    Member Since 2012

  • I had to come with my daughter  because at the time she was under 18. I was very hesitant because I do not like the heat. Now I've been converted. Hot Yoga is the best!

    Linda M.

    Member Since 2014

  • "I love hot yoga because it has helped me better understand the importance of practice in my everyday life! It is such a fantastic workout and the Instructors at Hot Yoga Inc. are exceptional! Thank you Hot Yoga Inc. for your many contributions to my health."

    Beth B.

    Member Since 2012

  • "The absolute best!"

    Gary F.

    Member Since 2011

  • My entire life I've been the chunky girl. The one kid picked last for all sports, and despite my positive and friendly attitude, the one who was teased and taunted about their weight. Years of over-consumption of food and depression brought me into an eating disorder, and it wasn't until I found Hot Yoga that I was graciously lifted out of it. After my first class I knew that I was hooked, so I started the Karma program to try to learn some of the valuable lessons that are given through the practice of yoga. After 10 classes I'd lost 10 pounds, and I felt as if the fog in my brain had been lifted. Hot Yoga forced me into working hard for my practice, and I've learned important lessons not only in self-love and care, but also the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and outlook. I plan on taking Teacher Training to try to pass on these lessons to others who are like myself, and I couldn't have done any of it without Hot Yoga Inc! All I can say is: GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT!

    Celeste B.

    Member since 2014

  • Hot Yoga Inc. has stretched me in ways I never thought were possible. It is such a big part of my daily life now.  I'm totally dependent on Hot Yoga Inc. Thank you!

    Andrew C.

    Member Since 2015

  • After every class I take I feel amazing. I love the community here, it's way different than a visit to the gym. Every class is a great workout and each time I can't wait to come back! Thank's Hot Yoga Inc. I can't imagine not  including hot yoga into my weekly schedule ever again.

    Nick L.

    Member Since 2015

  • Within my first 30 days I dropped 15 lbs. and completely changed my body!

    Tony B.

    Member Since 2015

  • I've been wanting to try yoga for sometime, however I now realize hot yoga is better than I ever thought yoga would be.  After almost a year my body has transformed radically. It makes me look and feel better than ever. I always sleep well after a late class and I'm more relaxed in general. I know I'm getting closer to becoming a real yogi.  I love HYI!

    Irving M.

  • Way to go Victor! killing it with 581 total visits!

  • I absolutely LOVE my yoga studio and all the people that work there!!! I think the teachers are great and always encouraging to take each pose to the next step. I also think Rachel, the manager/teacher, is great!! She makes it a point to get to know her fellow yogis and most of the time has me checked into class as I am walking in the door. Again, I love my studio and all those that work and teach there!!!!


  • As a fitness trainer I was skeptic about hot yoga and it’s inherit benefits. So I decided to try Hot Yoga Inc., and have found that hot yoga is indeed challenging! I also found the instructors and staff to be very supportive and personable. Hot yoga helps one to stay centered, helps with balance, tranquility, strength and an overall sense of well-being. Cheryl

    Cheryl H.

  • I had back surgery to remove a herniated disc last year.  I was down for 6 months and lost all of my core strength.  I was sent to Physical Therapy, but wasn't see much progress and my insurance only covered a limited amount of visits.  I started going to Hot Yoga Inc and immediately saw and felt progress.  I've been going for a few months now and my body and my attitude are better!  It's my happy place!

    Kelle F.

  • I have been to a lot of hot yoga classes and studios but Hot Yoga Inc. is absolutely amazing! Very informed staff, great vibe, and overall amazing experience. There's a lot of locations too and great rotation of teachers to help you really see the diversity in all your practices! If you're looking to change your life, Hot Yoga Inc. is the place to go!

    Maddie P.

  • I started practicing at Hot Yoga Inc. in January of 2012. I fell in love with what it did for my body physically, mentally, and emotionally. I enjoyed it so much that I brought my dad along with me shortly after I started. Over two years later, we still practice together and it is our quality father-daughter time every week.

    Tara N.

  • I had back surgery to remove a herniated disc last year. I was down for 6 months and lost all of my core strength. I was sent to Physical Therapy, but wasn't seeing much progress and my insurance only covered a limited amount of visits. I started going to Hot Yoga Inc and immediately saw and felt progress. I've been going for a few months now and my body and my attitude are better! It's my happy place!

    Kelle F.

    Member Since 2013

  • I have a temper. I'm not proud of it. I was angry most of the time. It led to a lot of destroyed relationships and bad choices. It also led to some health problems. I'm working a job where it is very stressful and my body aches most of time. Hot Yoga Inc. changed me forever. It removes most of my negative energy, brings inner peace, and fills me up with confidence. Great workout and wonderful new experience. I feel sexy after each class. Instructors, and the people (besides me) attending these classes are nice and friendly. Thank you Hot Yoga Inc!

    Kevin C.

    Member Since 2012

  • Hot Yoga Inc. is changing my life. I'm feeling less stress now. Thank you Hot Yoga Inc.

    David S.

    Member Since 2013

  • I've tried to attend classes everyday for the past twelve years. When I first began my father and husband had recently died and I had been hit in an automobile accident and diagnosed with cervical sprain and fybromyalgia. Yoga helped me work through my bereavement as well as heal from my physical injuries. I feel I am a happier, healthier, and more spiritually evolved person because of it. Being a physician, a psychiatrist, I recommend the exploration of a daily hot yoga practice to all my patients, because psychiatric health encompasses working towards the development of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

    Judith M.

    Member Since 2002

  • Tom B.

    Member Since 2009

  • I can't believe how Hot Yoga Inc. changed my life. After 14 months I've lost 20 lbs. and feel great. I've always been active and didn't think I had room for something new, but hot yoga has filled me with a longing I didn't know I had.

    Tom M.

    Member Since 2012

  • Hot Yoga Inc. has transformed my body and mind. It continually inspires me to commit to a healthy mind in a healthy body. It's the only fitness regimen that I am able to stick with consistently for the last two years. I love to eat a lot but thanks to hot yoga, I'm able to maintain a healthy weight. I look forward to going to the Federal Way studio for years to come.

    Kate H.

    Member Since 2012

  • Been coming for 3 years now - Everything's better

    Brett F.

    Member Since 2011

  • I love the variety of classes offered. HYI changed my life in so many ways. I am so grateful to be at HYI.

    Terri S.

    Member Since 2010

  • Got introduced to HYI and been hooked ever since. Had bad feet, knees and back from old injuries. HYI has done wonders for me. I'm stronger and have more muscle. I've rebuilt all them broken parts.

    Adochas G.

    Member Since 2013

  • I've been coming to HYI for 8 months and I love it! It helped get my back stronger and keeps my skin clear. Also keeps my hairstyling career going by taking the stress down. It isn't focused on any specific religion - I believe in Jesus. It's great relaxation for body and mind. You should give it a try.

    Anton S.

    Member Since 2013

  • I've been coming to HYI since 2010. First time was the hardest but I kept coming back. What was once hard to do is now very enjoyable. This stuff works great. Keeps your body weight in check, increases strength and flexibility and calms the mind. I encourage anyone to give it a try.

    Mitch Knobbe

    Member Since 2010

  • By doing yoga throughout my entire second pregnancy I experienced less back pain, increased energy and quicker recovery after the delivery.

    Sara R.

    Member Since 2011

  • "Hot Yoga and I have been dating for about 10 years now. He continues to be ever so challenging, yet rewarding, and always full of surprises. This orange bandeau combo keeps me covered and cool when class heats up"

    Maia E.

  • I Love my Hot Yoga. It lets me feel my emotions and my pain. It reawakens my passions and allows me to surrender into the moment. My HYI family is so supportive and cares about me and my family, they go that extra mile that makes a difference. Namaste

    Lorri H.

    Member Since 2011

  • I was prescribed hot, Hatha Yoga by a physician for chronic headaches and nerve pain caused by years of poor posture. My doctor was very animate and her physician assistant searched the web for a studio near me. The result was Hot Yoga Inc. Though physical therapy was also prescribed, my doctor made it clear that yoga was the long term solution. I am now pain free, off medication, and fifteen pounds lighter! I even got husband to join!

    Laura O.

    Member Since 2011

  • I can’t say enough about the positive benefits of hot yoga. I have had the joy of doing yoga for over 15 years now and only wish I had started even earlier. I have been athletic all of my life, but have never found such a perfect balance in a workout physically and mentally as I have with hot yoga. I have taken yoga all over the country and can honestly say, Hot Yoga Inc. is by far the best place to take yoga. The wonderful teachers and students truly make it a special community of caring people which only enhances the yoga experience. Thank you everyone for all that you give to make this such a wonderful place to go every day.

    Melissa M.

    Member Since 2002

  • Love the instructors here, love the facility, love the variety of classes! I always feel great after a class here and leave with more energy and a general feeling of well-being. I highly recommend Hot Yoga Inc.!

    Susan R.

    Member Since 2011

  • I'm Hot Yoga Inc.'s biggest advocate for athletes. I tell all my buddies about it on the golf course. It helps with my joint and ankle mobility, my flexibility and core strength; keeping me injury free for my 7 day a week racquetball game. Three things about my relationship with yoga: On my way I think, oh shit-anxiety. During class-come on Troy, can't you lift heavier weights. When it's all done-Euphoria. That's what keeps me coming back!

    Troy G.

    Member Since 2011

  • For me it's a slow steady the best shape of my life!

    Gary M.

    Member Since 2014

  • Best hour of power! Total mental, physical ring out. I need it!

    Annette D.

    Member Since 2011

  • I love the energy I get from that room. It definitely sets the mood for the rest of the day! I cannot imagine going without it. I love what it has done to my body and soul. It can only get better from now. LOVE Hot Yoga Inc.!

    Nataly S.

    Member Since 2013

  • Hot Yoga Inc. is my total and complete workout!It's my mind, body, soul, strength and flexibility workout all in one! Thank you Linda!

    Jill M.

    Member Since 2009

  • Before joining Hot Yoga Inc, I had already been suffering from chronic neck and upper back pain for 5 years. This was most likely due to a high stress job that would stew and carryover into my personal life. I also didn’t like people or leaving the house in fear of not knowing what to expect each day. To top it off, I had tremors in my hands and the occasional shaking in my head. Needless to say, I was a hot mess. Prior to walking into my first class, my pain had escalated to include a shooting pain down my left arm and my mental state had included fear of not knowing what to expect or the potential of leaving in even more pain than I had arrived with…but I made a promise to myself that I would, at the very least, try it out and see where it would take me. What did I have to lose, other than $10? I have lost A LOT!! Within my 10 for $10, I had lost the shooting pain in my arm. Within my first 3 months, I had lost a great deal of the pain in my neck and upper back. Being almost 2 years into my practice, I have very few bouts of stress due to the mental balance that I have been able to achieve. No more fear of leaving the house as I’m ready to see what the day has to bring to my life. Tremors, virtually gone. To top it off, I have lost 20 additional pounds, which brings my total weight loss journey to 95 pounds. I have also had people mention that I am looking taller than I had before, most likely due to a stronger core, better posture and a higher level of self esteem. As for not liking people. I can now say that I belong to an amazing community where the people are kind and encouraging. It is always a great day to practice at Hot Yoga Inc, meet new people and check in with my now old friends between classes. The instructors have been amazing. They are filled with positive light and energy as they act as a tour guide to take me to new places in my practice. Though they are teaching an entire class, it still feels as if it is on a one-on-one level. Hot Yoga Inc has healed me in many ways, so much so, that I hope to pay it forward by setting the intention to take on teacher training. John J.

  • "I've been a member of Hot Yoga Inc. for almost 3 years now and each day there is a new and wonderful experience. Each class I attend makes me feel amazing and that I'm one step closer to my goal. My whole family also attends, it helps to keep us happy and healthy and we have a lot of fun while doing it!"

    Emily W.

    Member Since 2013

  • "I never knew what a big part Hot Yoga Inc. would play in my life. I come every day and love every minute. I've learned and continue to learn so much. Thank you Linda and Hot Yoga Inc. for everything!"

    Jarrett H.

    Member Since 2013

  • "A year ago I would have told you exactly what you could do with your Namaste. My military career, followed by the pressures and duties as an executive turned me into an angry, tense person exhibiting all the signs of a corporate type A personality; high blood pressure, back aches, reflux, ulcer and short temper, not to mention a trail of ruined relationships - I was dying from the inside out. I happened to see a sign that said 10 classes for $10 and thought what the heck; I’ll add it to my weekly workout routine. What happened as a result is nothing less than miraculous! In just a short time I was sleeping soundly, waking with more energy, and feeling much more at ease. In the days that have passed I have rid myself of ALL the physical ailments I had been experiencing, and now enjoy a happy, peaceful and productive life. HYI not only taught me to stretch physically, they gave me the courage and confidence to stretch myself professionally resulting in a new and rewarding career. Linda Burch and HYI have had a positive and profound effect on my life, words alone cannot describe my gratitude"

    Jim Drago S.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I did not come to Hot Yoga Inc. for a body transformation. I started coming for a mind and spirit transformation. I am well on my way. Yoga practice, not yoga perfect!"

    Tammy K.

    Member Since 2011

  • "After doing yoga on and off for 5 years I started practicing at Hot Yoga Inc. in May 2012 and fell in love. I have since practiced 4-7 times a week consistently, and made the decision to make yoga a permanent part of my life by becoming a power yoga teacher. Through teacher training and practicing at HYI, I have found such a welcoming community to help me live a healthier, happier life!"

    Carly G.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I started practicing at HYI 5 years ago and was instantly hooked! Hot yoga works. It makes me feel good inside and out. I see the results. Physically yes, but most importantly, the mental clarity and well-being are priceless. Are you ready to feel your best? Can't wait to see you in class."

    Lorraine P.

    Member Since 2009

  • "I love hot yoga Inc. because my body becomes united with my mind. With each practice I can feel myself straightening as a body and spirit."

    Maya R.

    Member Since 2011

  • "I enjoy hot yoga Inc because I find my inner peace. It helps me let go of all my days frustrations. Stretches my strained muscles, and helps me relax."

    Ashley F.

    Member Since 2012

  • "When I look at myself now versus before I started working at HYI and taking classes regularly each week I see many things that have changed in such a positive way. I have always had a quick temper and difficulty controlling some of my less appealing emotions. After the first few classes I noticed how this almost instantly. Aside from the physical benefits I was gaining I was learning (without even realizing it) how to have that control and how to shut off the negative feelings and thoughts that I was once victim to before. Through the steady breathing and calming that yoga requires, I have become a much more stable person (not that I was entirely unstable before) in ways where I was once unpredictable and irrational. Where I was once weak minded I became strong. Aside from physical benefits that yoga provides, it has greatly strengthened my mind, my resolve, and my discipline. Thank you HYI for the opportunity to grow that you have provided for me!"

    Austin B.

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. has been my venue to cope with the deepest sadness of my little sister going through terminal cancer. HYI is where I find day to day a way to cope mentally, emotionally, and physically. I instantly feel the benefits. So glad I decided to join. Peoples' attitudes are uplifting. Love you guys."

    Yadi R.

    Member Since 2010

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. has changed the way I look at fitness. With high standards for their facilities & instructors, I spend less time looking for a good place for exercise and more time getting my butt kicked. The variation of classes helps my muscle confusion and interest level so I'm always wanting to be back the next day. This is the best hot yoga studio in the area and they are NOT all created equal!"

    Jennah C.

    Member Since 2013

  • Britten B.

    Member Since 2013

  • "I noticed right away that my core was not up to speed which contributed to my back weaknesses. My overall core strength improved immediately. Beyond the physical I noticed I become more grounded, calm, and secure in stressful situations in the outside world, I can’t wait to see how I feel in a year!

    Andrew B.

    Member Since 2013

  • "Since coming to Hot Yoga Inc. in February Ive seen a change in my life. I've lost 25 lbs. in just four months and am more physically fit and have greater mental focus. This has really changed in my life."

    Michael W.

    Member Since 2013

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. has given me a renewed sense of confidence I find joy, peace & relaxation when taking classes. I am constantly learning new things about myself and yoga each class I take. I have also incorporated the things I've learned in class in my daily life. Like using the breathe we use at the beginning of class to help control my frustration when being stuck in traffic, or during stressful situations. I will be a HYI student for life!!!"

    Marissa F.

    Member Since 2012

  • "My goal for teacher training was to teach just one class. I figured I was farther away from teaching a yoga class than anyone in history. When I started I realized that there were people far more scared than me, and they were looking to me for support. Soon I found myself as a part of a community that I love and I became addicted. And that's my favorite thing about HYI....just being a part of team awesome and having the support to do what I need to do."

    Scotty T.

    Member SInce 2012

  • "I feel great, stronger, more flexible, and fit. Happy to be here!"

    Spencer L.

    Member Since 2013

  • "I noticed right away that my core was not up to speed which contributed to my back weaknesses. My overall core strength improved immediately. Beyond the physical, I noticed I have become more grounded, calm, and secure in stressful situations in the outside world. I can’t wait to see how I feel in a year!"

    Andrew B.

    Member Since 2013

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. has been so great for me. Not only have i lost over 20lbs but i find myself more relaxed now! I suggest everyone give it a try to see what it does for you!"

    Morgan F.

  • "Being an endurance athlete, I need a way to recover faster and re-energize myself for my next workout. I enjoy the feeling of stretching as far as my body will allow, with people have the same mindset. Hot Yoga is a great stress and mind reliever at the end of the day! Hot Yoga Inc. you are Awesome!"

    Brandon B.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I love hot yoga because it brings balance and strength to my life. Since beginning my yoga journey earlier this year I have discovered my "focus" in all things-Most of all muscles I never knew existed. If feels incredible to be strong - We all have the power & ability to be! Thank you HYI for helping me find my drishti! Some Facts- Age 45 Weight loss journey begin in 2010-Lost 60lbs, started running last year- tired yoga this year to strengthen my core for running and now do yoga more then run and love it!"

    Shandra S.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I am a little over 3 months into my yoga practice, and I can honestly say it's changing my life. My attitude, my energetic my physical appearance, and my stability in life are all dramatically better since starting. I was killing myself at the gym daily for over 4 years and while it did help my appearance slowly, my self esteem and self worth were both in the gutter. It's amazing how something as simple as committing yourself to 60 minutes a day can change your life. I'm not perfect and may never be, but yoga at hot yoga inc. is showing me that is absolutely ok. I'm exactly where I am meant to be and am so thankful that I decided to start. This will be a life long journey for me and I hope I never stop changing for the better. Thank you Hot Yoga Inc." Sincerely, Chelsea Banks

    Chelsea B.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I am sending these pictures to you guys because you have changed my life. I was struggling with weight for a long time and would ying yang with my weight by 40lbs. I would fluctuate and could not control my awful dieting. At my lightest I was 115 and at my heaviest i was 168. I am only 5'1" and could not get a hold of my nutrition and health. Thanks to Hot Yoga Inc. I have been a stead 120lbs for over a year and a half. When I first started Hot Yoga I was 168lbs and after only 30 days I lost 25lbs. Then I steadily lost the rest and am now 120lbs after only going to Hot Yoga everyday for 4 months. I have been going Monday through Friday ever since and have maintained my figure. Thank you so much and I appreciate all that you guys do for me. The attachments show my before and after. Thank you all!"

    Michele H.

    Member Since 2009

  • "Thank You for the Transformation! I lost two sizes since I started coming to Hot Yoga Inc. three and a half months ago. I'm happier, healthier, & looking much better!" Love, Miranda

    Miranda L.

    Member Since 2011

  • I started falling apart about may 2011.  I strained my back at work and began going to massage therapy which helped a lot.  Then in Nov. 2011 my 6 year old and I went to the skate park and I bit it hard messing up my right elbow.  The final straw was another skateboarding incident.  Almost exactly one year from my back strain. Went to the massage therapist again this time with little results. I knew Hot Yoga Inc. was what I needed.  3 months later I'm nearly pain free.  I'm definitely a Hot Yoga Inc. Lifer, for sure...

    Sheldon S.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I love my hot yoga practice because I'm able to challange my mind and body.  I also love the community I've found here."

    Candace B.

    member Since 2009

  • "I love doing hot yoga because I feel so incredible afterward.  I have more clarity of mind and my strength and endurance have increased dramatically.  The power classes are the best. Upbeat and energizing."

    Patti L.

  • "In three months I lost almost half of me.  Went from a size eight to a size two!  Transformation is amazing!  Even my bones feel better!"

    Nellie C.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I like the fact that my muscles are confused, its new to them and it totally works me out!"

    Chris Merwrio

  • "I am 56 and after class today the instructor said I looked 15 years younger than when she met me over a year ago. I have to say I feel better than I did 10 years ago! Aches and pains that used to be chronic are now gone! I thank all the instructors for their love and support! I love Hot Yoga Inc."

    Alberta Matelich Wells

    Member Since 2011

  • "Hot Yoga Inc has changed my life.  2+ years in and I'm a changed person both physically (60 pounds less) and spiritually.  I've also met fantastic people who are now my "yogi" friends.  Couldn't imagine life without Yoga every day."

    Gina J.

    Member Since 2010

  • "Discovering Hot Yoga Inc. has been a truly life changing event.  I no longer dread exercise-and look forward to my yoga classes.  It is a time for me to become calm and centered.  I've watched my body changing as aches and pains disappear, weight is dropping off and my muscles are becoming visible! I am proud of myself, my body, and its strength and power".

    Sheri R.

    Member Since 2012

  • Our very own Donny Lisowski from Sammamish. Good Luck Donny!  Stay Focused!

    Donny Lisowski #38

    Member Since 2012

  •   "I noticed immediately that my digestion sped up. Every class I makes me feel stronger and I have improved balance. I love how I feel after class"

    Tina Dos Santos

    Member Since 2012

  • Almost 3 years ago, Hot Yoga Inc. became my first experience with yoga.  The first few classes I took in Kirkland, it was all I could do to stay in the room and just be in the heat.  I came to class to be challenged physically and mentally, and left feeling exhausted, but renewed in spirit.  Over this time I've gained strength, flexibility, mental stamina, and a thankful heart for what I can do each day on my yoga mat.  I want to say how grateful I am to Linda and the wonderful instructors that I have known.  They are inspiring, compassionate and knowledgeable, and their positive examples keep me coming to class. Thank you, Hot Yoga Inc.!

    Richard G.

    Member Since 2009

  • I guess we're never too old to maximize our own potential and as a professional musician (I play french horn) , I discovered the power of the "Breath of Fire" in my horn practice recently.  I had the BEST practice in thirty years simply by incorporating this deep, connecting and most of all purposeful breath on each and every note.  The result was a horn that sang beautifully.  Just like reaching new heights (or depths) in our own yoga practice, so it is for our small but steady gains musically.  I can't wait to introduce yoga, particularly this powerful breathing technique to my band class as it will most definitely transform their playing.  It's fun to play but it's fun to play well and this is probably the most powerful tool in my "tool box" for them.  We're cooking with "air".  Thanks Hot Yoga, Inc.  I can't wait to have more "ah-ha" moments from yoga and no doubt I will.  Gotta go...gotta practice my horn!

    Lynda A.

    Member Since 2011

  • I've been coming to Hot Yoga Inc. for a couple years.  I'm an ultra runner and after running 100 miles I get a little tight.  Thats why I come to Hot Yoga Inc.  Mentally allows me to push through pain and agony.  i rock clinme and ski and it helps with my balance.  for the long runs in hot places hot yoga prepares me for the environment. mental physical and great for balance. Theres tons more i can say    Its nice thats theres multiple studios and i really like the variety of classes and intructors. if i want intense i come to power, if i need a stretch i come to hatha.  if i wanna lift i can come to sculpt. everything i do is solo.   I can feel the energy in the room.  its really cool.  

    Gavin W.

    Member Since 2010

  • "I used to have low back issues- used to go to chiropractor every 3 or 4 weeks-now no more at all!  It's been 5 months!"

    Tom E.

    Member Since 2012

  • "Hot yoga is a great way to get in shape and the feeling afterwards is amazing!"


    Member Since 2012

  • "After taking hot yoga classes I feel amazing, healthy and limber!"

    Jonathon H.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I love hot yoga because it helps me find my center."

    Anne T.

    Member Since 2011

  • "I love Hot Yoga Inc! Its changed my mind, body, and soul. I wake up happy every day when I know I'm going to yoga. Yeah HYI!"

    Holly C.

    member Since 2011

  • ""

    Sue K.

    Member Since 2011

  • "Why Hot Yoga!! A guy like me, would simply respond by saying.. Why not?? But there's so much more to it than even i could explain. I have always been a huge fan of healthy livin' and worked out at health clubs my whole life. Hot yoga seems to encompass everything I've wanted -- there is obviously the physical part of it, but it transcends it--to the point of a spiritual/physical type of realm!  but you don't have to take my word for it..Try it!  It works!!"

    Marlon D.

    Member Since 2011

  • "3 weeks of hot yoga and my chiropractor was able to adjust my T4-T6 which has been stuck for 4 months."

    Colette M.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I started on opening day and was hooked! I feel so amazing after every class and any stress from the day is gone! It is amazing how my body has improved."

    Shannon T.

    Member Since 2011

  • Yoga Haiku I started 12 years ago Doctor wanted to cut me No surgery yet Hot yoga helps heal So old dudes can still go hard Hoops, marathons, SUP

    Pat O.

    Member Since 2009

  • "Yoga has detoxed my body and given me overall strength."

    Carla S.

    Member Since 2011

  • "I've started right when they opened.  Started at 185 lbs. and today 158 lbs. and holding.  I was in special forces Pararescue and this is the most INTENSE workout I've had.  I don't know what else to say.  It's purifying and energizing!"

    Joe O.

    Member Since 2011

  • "This is my second class.  I plan to finish my 10 in 2 weeks!"

    Leesa J.

    Member Since 2012

  • First class.   Check back in 30 days! Go Kelsey!!!

    Kelsey J.

    Member Since 2012

  • Day 1!  check back in 30 days! You can do it Laura!

    Laura F

    Member Since 2012

  • "I have lost inches and I feel great.  It's the one thing I do for myself."

    Jill H.

    Member Since 2011

  • "I love Hot Yoga Inc. because it is so good for you in all kinds of ways.  I love how I feel afterwards."

    Holly A.

    Member Since 2010

  • "I love Hot Yoga Inc. because I can relax and feel great!"

    Beth W.

    Member Since 2011

  • "This is my relaxation.  Hot yoga makes me feel peaceful, joyful, happy and great.  I love it!"

    Bebelyn G.

    Member Since 2011

  • "I love hot yoga.  It is my zen!  Great workout after a stressful day!"

    Crystal P.

    Member Since 2012

  •   "Helped me to become a bionic bag. Gave up booze, slow horses, fast men and lost 60 lbs. To thine own self be true-this is what I do for myself."

    Christi L.

    Member Since 2012

  • I dropped 27 lbs. in my first 90 days at Hot Yoga Inc. and have kept if off and my blood pressure went from 146/96 to to 125/80.  I brought my daughter and at least 5 friends that still do it.  I have no more back pain and when I don't go I just don't feel well.  I love it!

    Jim G.

    Member Since 2010

  • "I tried the 10 for $10 and became addicted. I look forward to coming to class and a lifetime of yoga health. I feel better and other people have noticed I look better."

    Beverly C.

    Member Since 2012

  • "Hot yoga will change your life!  Quiet time, my time...the physical and mental strength it gives me is priceless."

    Kristen C.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I love the hot yoga at Hot Yoga Inc. because each class makes me less of a B****!"

    Jennifer B.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I was reluctant to do hot yoga because I don't like the heat. I have lower back pain and after two weeks the back pain has felt better!"

    Peter D.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I love coming to hot yoga because it's a good stress reliever and makes me feel good!"

    Melanie P.

    Member Since 2012

  • "Hot yoga has changed my life! Each day I look forward to my one hour hatha class.  It's my time to enjoy peace and quiet, and as a mom with a two year old, I need it!  I also just signed up for the Hatha teacher training and am ecstatic!"

    Kim M.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I love hot yoga because it stretches all of me-mind, body and soul!"

    Alastair W.

    Member Since 2011

  • "We're here for the yin!"

    Regan and Rebecca S.

    Member Since 2012

  • "We love Hot Yoga Inc. because it makes us feel great internally and we release the stress from everyday life."

    Jen M & Michelle B. ‘cousins’

    Member Since 2012

  • "I've brought and continue to bring so many people to Hot Yoga Inc.  I love the results!  I have no more flabby arms and I have an awesome brazilian butt that I could never get at the gym, not even from cycling!  I just had my annual physical and my cholesterol levels are awesome.  I'm 53 and have 3 grandchildren  I love Hot Yoga Inc!"

    Svetlana M.

    Member Since 2011

  • "Unless your sick, no matter how you feel. Just come, persistence is key. "

    Dick B.

    Member Since 2010

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. is my favorite place to practice.  It's fun, the staff is friendly, the facilities are great and the atmosphere is awesome.  I love HYI so much I even brought my boyfriend!  I LOVE HOT YOGA INC!"

    Alix M.

    Member Since 2012

  • "It's very simple.  I've been going to the gym for 15 years and haven't received the results I have at Hot Yoga Inc. It has made my body better from head to toe.  I'm all over lean and it's better than going to the surgeon whose not going to be be able to get everything, like your arm!"

    Zenaida S.

    Member Since 2011

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. has increased my energy and self confidence!  I've relieved my chronic back pain and shrunk my love handles.  You can't suck in your back!"

    Lorraine L.

    Member Since 2011

  • "I promised my wife I would give this a try.  After my 4th class I realized I love how I feel afterward; not during yet though."

    Alex S.

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. has been the best thing I've ever discovered.  I'm truly passionate about it and the teachers at HYI.  I've been coming for years!"


  • Francis has been coming every day, sometimes twice a day, since 2005.  He's camera shy but because we love him so much we were determined to get his pic.  Thank you for being a student at Hot Yoga Inc. We love you Francis!

    Francis F.

  • "I need to stay fit while cutting back on the high impact things I do, like martial arts.  It's low impact, but as tough as anything I've ever done."

    Marc S.

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. has improved my snow skiing and my golf game!"

    Bob H.

  • "Hot yoga has strengthend our bodies and our minds to prepare for each season.  We practice, we believe, we succeed because of Hot Yoga Inc!"

    Thomas: Seattle U Basketball

  • "The line backers love HOT YOGA INC!"


  • "I used to have on going back problems.  The I joined Hot Yoga Inc. and after a couple months I noticed my back rarely bothered me.  Now I'm pain free (as long as I make it to yoga once a week!)

    Richard A.

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. is awesome!  I'm in the best shape of my life.  I've lost 15 lbs.  Yes!"

    Brad C.

  • "I started at the Covington studio with the 10/10 deal in September 2011. Before I even finished I was hooked by the energy and the quality of the instructors.  I just finished my 100th session with Danielle and a sculpt class , with ski season over I can definitively say that hot yoga will make you a better skier as that was my initial goal. Little did I know when I started that I would find a life long endeavor for my mind body and soul."

    Craig P.

  • "All are welcome here - no matter skill level, size or sex. Everyone is here for the same reason, to practice yoga."

    Erica S.


  • "In 2 weeks I dropped 1 pant size and lost 4lbs. My blood pressure has dropped 20pts and because of the flexibility I can now run Green Lake instead of my normal walk."

    Melody P.


  • "I've been doing hot yoga for 4 years now and Hot Yoga Inc. in Northgate is one of my favorite studios! There is always room in the classes. The studio is nice and clean and the teachers are awesome."

    Sheila B.


  • "I've never felt as strong as I have when I do hot yoga. It's the fastest transformation physically and mentally that I've ever seen in myself. It's been a much needed addiction in my life."

    Morgan O.


  • "I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about hot yoga but from my first class I loved it. I go to the late Power class after a 12hr work day and it's amazing to be able to work out and de-stress at the same time. It's warm and peaceful... I think i'm getting addicted."

    Ashley W.


  • "For me, hot yoga is the process of learning to love one self with an open heart and appreciating the abilities that your body possess. After every class, I am thrilled that I chose to give this time to myself to practice. It's truly a wonderful gift to give to yourself."

    Maria H.


  • "I started doing hot yoga 3 years ago and have found it to be a great supplement to my training. It's a great way to improve strength and flexibility!"

    Brianne B.


  • "Better than any self-help book. I love this place!"

    Margaret R.


  • "The anti-gloom, anti-gravity release for life, like walking on the moon!"

    Nora B.


  • "Hot yoga is a great way to get in shape.  The feeling afterwards is amazing!"


  • "Yoga has been a catalyst to living a healthier life.  I can't imagine my life without Hot Yoga Inc.  I look forward to it!"

    Tina T.

  • "I love hot yoga because it helped relief my neck and spine pain after a car accident.  I feel much stronger and healthier too!"

    Alex B.

  • "I've never been really active but I want to take care of my body.  I've finally found something satisfying.  I enjoy looking forward to coming to class and feel amazingly energized!"

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. keeps me sane and is way better than drugs!"

    Allison R.

  • "I love Hot Yoga Inc. for healthy love."  Sofi "Class #1 with my mom!  check back in 30 days."

    Sofi and Yoanna

  • "I love hot yoga because it improves my flexibility and increases fat loss. Plus I love to sweat!"

    Chris H.

  • "I love yoga because it relaxes me and I feel better about myself."


  • First of all I would like to thank Linda.  Hot Yoga Inc. has helped me with a back , neck and shoulder injury that I had after a car accident.  It has reduced my stress also.  It has become such a regular routine now that I feel terrible when I am unable to attend. Thank You!

    Beverly G.

  • "I love hot yoga inc! It is my worship center for prayer. Yoga makes my day complete."

    Hope V.

  • "I love the sweat and I love the heat"

    Dave F.

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. has provided me with a positive space and community in which to practice yoga regularly. I love the encouragement and kindness consistently emanating from this studio and I have gained so much strength and energy since beginning classes here last month. Each instructor has her own style and personality that keeps classes challenging and fun. I especially love Jamie; she is the sweetest!"

    Faith M.

    Power & Hatha

  • "Yoga helps me manage my type "A" personality and lets me glow from the inside out."

    Sam G.


  • "Yoga has helped my back and strengthen my core. I've lost 10lbs and feel great!"

    Beau G.


  • "Hot Yoga - The best thing I ever did for my health. By "health" I mean mental, spiritual and physical. The feeling after is amazing!"

    Zak P.


  • Linda, Thought you would enjoy this, my 25 year old daughter get a early morning Yoga workout in La Quinta. Love the simplicity, thanks for introducing me to Hot Yoga Inc. Dave

    Dave M.

  • "Hot yoga helps my flexibility and strength with every thing in my life."

    Mike G.

  • "I love hot yoga because it's a great way to relax as well as spend time with my mom!"

    Ashley F.

  • "I’m addicted to Hot Yoga Inc.!  For years I’ve struggled to maintain an exercise regimen, but Hot Yoga made it easy.  The instructors are friendly and professional, the facilities are always spotless, and whole experience is blissful.  I actually look forward to getting to class as often as I can.  I feel great, I eat better, and I know this is the best decision of my life.  Try it,… you’ll be hooked too!" Hi Linda, I just wanted to say “hey, I have not seen your smiling eyes in too long”.  You are either supremely busy, or you’ve got a new beau.  I hope it is the latter for your sake. You have built an amazing organization.  You deserve some goodness falling your way. I wanted to offer another HYI success story.   I  went for my annual physical last week.  I’ve dropped 30 pounds, my heart rate is 54 bpm, and all my blood work came in the good to excellent range.  I’m pulling a Benjamin Button move.  I am singing the praises of HYI to everyone I meet.  I seriously think my doctor will be checking it out. He was asking a lot of questions. Anyway, that’s all for now. Blessings be upon you! Warmest regards, Steve McWilliams

    Steve M.

  • "I always have more energy days after coming to class!"

    Jason G.

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. in Kirkland has the best vibe!!  Working out here feels amazing.  The teachers are great and the classes are addictive."

    Patricia B.

  • "I can't get enough of the heat!  My cold feet are forever warm thankful for my improved circulation."

    Terri D.

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. is a great stress reliever and cross-trainer. This place is awesome!"

    Will D.

  • "I love yoga because it's good for your body and because I always feel so peaceful after class."

    Ellen B.

  • "Every time I'm in Seattle I plan my days around my yoga classes.  Though I'm a certified yoga instructor, there is no way to match the intensity and energy of a group practice in the hot room!"

    Sarah V.

  • "I am so pleased to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for Hot Yoga Inc. in Kirkland, the facility and entire staff.  Ashley's enthusiasm and leadership makes practicing at Kirkland the highlight of my day.  Keep up the great work!"

    Jim J.

  • "Power yoga has given me a platform to release energy and challenge my mind and body.  After playing sports competitively throughout my life, I'm thankful to have found HYI and the fulfillment it brings.  I love Kirkland :-)

    Megan W.

  • "A perfect balance of warmth, energy, and power-simply inspiring."

    Darlus M.

  • "Yoga brings me strength, joy, and peace, and a warm welcome from each class.  It's my favorite part of each day!"

    Amy H.

  • "As an ultra-marathon runner, hot yoga inc. is an integral part of my training!   The teachers and facility are top notch!  I've been to yoga studios all over the country and HYI Kirkland is the best!"

    Aaron M.

  • "Life is so hectic, yoga is my only "me" time. After a long day, I know I can count on yoga to bring me clarity, peace, and the strength to continue on with my day. Not to forget, yoga gave me the booty I never had!"

    Tina K.

  • "Can't imagine life without yoga.  I would be heavily medicated without it!"

    Lisa G.

  • "Yoga is my solace from the stresses of everyday life-it's where I can focus on my inner peace and get a great workout at the same time!"

    Melanie K.

  • "Yoga is amazing stress relief, heart chakra opening, life changing, muscle toning, energizing awesomeness. The yoga studio is like church to me."

    Christina G.

  • "I love hot yoga because it's fun and joyful!  I always feel better for going.  Great teachers!  Great people!"

    Joanne D.

  • "Yoga helps me get through my busy and stressful days. The teachers provide me with an environment that challenges both my physical practice and meditation."

    Jessica K.

  • "Hot yoga is changing my life. I've lost weight and inches, so I am happy. The instructors are so positive and supportive."

    Melissa S.


  • "I absolutely love hot yoga. Each class makes me feel healthier and stronger. I look forward to class all the time."

    Kristie M.


  • "I love my hot yoga practice.  My mind, my body, my skin and spirit feel great!"

    Maureen M.


  • "Yoga has changed the way I think about everything else in my life.  Sleep, food, friendships, it all counts."

    Vicki B.

  • "I love hot yoga because I'm really old but it makes me look really hot!"

    Trish P.

    Member Since 2002

  • "It helps me remember to breathe. When I first started practicing hot yoga it was because my friend said it was a good workout. I soon realized that it was so much more than that. As a teenager I was in several car accidents and by the time I reached my 20's I started developing chronic headaches and back pain. I found that after practicing yoga for just a few months, I no longer had a need for the chiropractor and my back pain and headaches were gone. Additionally, my yoga practice has helped me become less stressed and more focused on the positive. I actually don't know who I would be without yoga, it's such a huge part of my life now."

    Ashley S.

  • "I joined Hot Yoga Inc. 2 months ago and I love it! I've lost weight and have seen a lot of changes in my body. Thanks Hot Yoga Inc!"

    Wendy R.


  • "Jamie is amazing! She is so inspirational and is the sweetest. She has motivated me to come to practice 3-4 times a week. I have lost 20lbs in 4 weeks and feel better than ever. Thank you so much HYI!"

    Kimberly W.


  • "I love, love, love Hot Yoga Inc. All the staff are amazing and i'm finally getting my body back after baby."

    Madison W.


  • "Tough times don't last, tough people do. I've been doing hot yoga for 2 months and my body and mirror are reaping the benefits."

    Pedro C.


  • "Hot yoga is challenging every time. Each practice I improve my strength, health and energy. I love it!"

    Danielle R.


  • "I initially began going to hot yoga to heal a running injury but instantly became addicted. Then shortly after I did the HYI teacher training!  I love the sense of community at each studio that you can't find anywhere else.  Hot Yoga Inc. has changed my life in many ways; I have a healthier mind and body, not to mention I am a stronger runner!"

    Cayla W.

  • "I can tell such a big difference in how I feel since I started practicing at Hot Yoga Inc. I've had hip and knee problems for years and my overall health has changed drastically since I began practicing. I'm so happy I came to Hot Yoga Inc, it was a great decision!"

    Laura E.

  • "I have been taking classes at Hot Yoga Inc. for over three years and there is no other studio out there that compares. The teachers and classes are amazing. This is a serious workout - challenging, always different and fun, fun, fun!"

    Ashleigh B.


  • "The 4:30 classes are a fantastic way to close out a hectic day! You guys are great!"

    Matt C.

    Whatever is at 4:30!

  • "I love hot yoga because not only does it improve my flexibility, but it's a great work out and works every muscle in the body. There's nothing like the feeling of coming out of an awesome class after you've sweat out all your toxins and worked your butt off in the process."

    Savanna R.


  • "Hot yoga has increased my strength physically while improving my ability to relax in life. Love it!"

    Kim G.

  • Kelli R.


  • "Love, Love, Love Hot Yoga Inc. Wonderful instructors, beautiful clean studio and well equipped for all levels of students. Simply, the best part of my day."

    Christie W.


  • "Hot yoga has helped me find patience, confidence and a hot bod! I have been able to tone areas that I didn't know I could. Especially with the Yoga Sculpt class. Hot yoga also helps a lot with my stress levels; it keeps me calm.  Seriously, Hot Yoga Inc. is my home away from home."

    Jamie B.

    I love them all!

  • "Hot yoga has helped me mentally, physically and emotionally. I am more connected to my body than ever before. Plus the instructors are super helpful and supportive. It is like walking into a room of friends!"

    Jessica G.


  • "Hot yoga has changed my life in many ways. I have become more patient, calm, confident and I have a healthy balance in my life because of yoga."

    Diana S.


  • "I love being on yoga!"


  • "I came to HYI to help heal a back injury.  I was unemployed and going through a major life change.  I began taking class everyday and started seeing changes in myself.  I became grateful for all of the things and people that were present in my life.  For the first time I could look at myself in a mirror with happy, gracious eyes.  I never expected to overcome depression or reverse years of poor self image.  Within the first 90 days of my journey I lost 40lbs, healed my back completely!  I gained confidence and found my TRUE self.  I am so grateful for Hot Yoga Inc!"

    Alisa G.

  • "Great environment, great staff and great results equals a great time. Loving Hot Yoga Inc."

    Danny L.


  • "Power yoga is my favorite class. It has shaped my body so much and I never even dread going to class."

    Rachel D.


  • "Hot yoga has completely changed my life, this is something I will do for the rest of my life!  It is my place were I go to rest my mind, find peace for my soul and experience an amazing workout!  Hot yoga keeps me healthy and happy every day I practice."

    Aimee C.

  • "I started taking hot yoga 3 years ago, looking for an exercise to get me out of the drudgery of the gym routine that just wasn't working.  I'd been a dancer most of my life and never found anything that compared until hot yoga. The community and evergy here is amazing!  I love Hot Yoga Inc!"

    Jen C.

  • "Hot yoga has changed my life so much.  I don't even know where to start."

    Chemene C.

  • "Hot yoga has made me a more healthy and positive person. I have found my new career path"

    Flip C.

  • "Hot yoga makes me energized!  Makes my day great after practice!"

    Kazumi K.

  • "Yoga is a part of my life."

    Yuko T

  • Youth-keeps me feeling young! Om-mental cleansing Gumby-The flexibility I have now is unparallelled Amazing-Everything about yoga is amazing!!  I love the power & yoga sculpt classes!  For all newbies - All I can say is TRY IT & you will LOVE IT!  It is life changing!"

    Kalees R

  • "Hot yoga makes my body feel good, de-stresses me, and makes me feel like I accomplished something that challenges my body."

    Diana L.

  • "I come to increase my flexibility, release stress, and be part of an amazing community."

    Theresa L.

  • "Hot yoga is life changing!"

    Paul S.

  • "Yoga is something new for me and it has been amazing.  I feel energized and peaceful."

    Carrie H.

  • "I met the love of my life at Hot Yoga Inc.  I'm married now and we have a baby!"


  • "Yoga helps clear my mind and re-energizes me."

    Ali W.

  • "I buy myself an Ageless membership every year for my birthday.  I've been coming since 1998."

    Barb H.

    Member Since 1998

  • "This is my 4th class and I'm hooked!  Yoga has helped my running and weight training.  Thank you!"

    Dayna M.

  • "I come to hot yoga for relaxation.  It's the best way to loosen up my tight muscles and have a good sweat."

    Larry S.

  • "It's an AWESOME workout that lets you relax at the same time!"

    Natalie N.

  • "I love hot yoga based on how it makes me feel during and after!  I sleep better, have more energy, and my flexibility has improved."

    Amy S.

  • "When I started hot yoga I had no idea it would completely transform me as a person.  Passion that I lacked for years in my life is back!"

    Timory M.

  • Yoga is so important to me as a busy working mom.  It is the only thing I have found that calms my mind as well as giving me an AMAZING workout!  When my kids see that I am stressed, they tell me to go to yoga! I love the way I feel when I come out of class all sweaty and worn out!  I also believe the balancing done in class is much more important than we realize.  I have lost elderly family members after a bad fall, so working on my balance and core is very important to me.

    Kemper D.

  • "I have been coming to yoga for about 16 years off and on. I'm not yoga perfect but I love the heat and its the very best thing I do for my back, hamstrings, and hips. I always pray for one person in every class during the airplane pose, while opening up my heart and soul, and send all my love and energy to that person."

    Suzy M.

  • "Curiosity brouhgt me to Hot Yoga Inc.  Since I have started I feel stronger, slimmer, flexible. and confident. Drives me to stay and continue my journey through the beautiful everyday heat."

    Heidi K.

  • "I've only been coming to HYI for 2 weeks and already I feel stronger, more flexible and serene"

    Teresa B.

  • "Before I started hot yoga I suffered from chronic back pain.  Now I have ZERO back pain, I sleep wonderfully and I feel stronger and healthier than ever!  Love what you do always!"

    Heather G.

  • "Gives me the strength and motivation to do more. It has helped me with body aches and pains. I love it."

    Taseem L.

  • "After hip surgery I started yoga to try and rehab my body. The knowledge and body awareness I gained from yoga was amazing. I'm so inspired; I hope to complete the HYI Teacher Training soon. Thank you Hot Yoga Inc. for igniting a new passion within me!"

    Sandy Y.


  • "Hot Yoga Inc. became my studio of choice back in 2008. Since then, they've helped me to transform yoga from an exercise to a lifelong practice. Great staff, quality studios and kick-butt classes!"

    Greg G.


  • "The best thing about hot yoga is that you don't need to wait long to see results. The results are there right after your first class. It's a great workout, stress reliever and it's fun!"

    Eva P.


  • "Hot yoga classes have increased my flexibility immensely. I have more energy and sleep great now. My favorite pose is Dancers Pose because it makes my back feel fantastic."

    Anna I.


  • "Yoga has given me strength, flexiblity and a peacefulness that I can get no where else.  I love the sense of community that I feel at Hot Yoga Inc.  HYI is now like family to me."

    Pam C.

  • "Hot yoga has relieved all my chronic back problems.  The teachers and their practices are amazing."

    Adam R.

  • "Hot yoga has healed my chronic neck and upper back pain-no more meds!  It saw me through cancer treatment-it keeps me physically and mentally happy!"

    Tracy M.

  • "I come to hot yoga because it helps a lot with my sinuses.  I love hot yoga it is a great place to let your stress go."

    Sofia R.

  • "I have been coming to Hot Yoga Inc. since the Mill Creek location opened.  I love it because I have lost weight (and kept it off) I am less stressed out and I NEVER get sick!  I also LOVE the teachers."

    Cathy S.

  • "Hot yoga is amazing.  It has helped me to de-stress, maintain my weight goals and increase my overall energy. Plus the staff are wonderful!"

    Katy S.


  • "After 5 classes I already feel like a new person!  Trust me... the nausea will eventually give way to a feeling of being completely centered and raw power."

    Tom K.


  • "I was a bit skeptical when I started but now I LOVE HOT YOGA so much that I come 5-6 times a week!  I upload my hot yoga practice log on Facebook to see my growth.  Great benefits (More flexibility, less fat & more muscle, better metabolism & balance, and faster skin turnover)!!!"

    Ryoko D.

    Power & Hatha

  • "Hatha is an amazing workout and the instructors mix it up a little bit each time which is great!"

    David B.


  • "I can't live without it in my life. It has made me more tranquil and aware as a human being. Love it!"

    Aleacia M.


  • "I love Hot Yoga Inc. because each class is different. Even if you come to the same class with the same teacher they always mix it up. This is great for me! I get bored of the same routine."

    Andrea W.

    Hatha & Power

  • "Great facility & great instructors.  Best in Seattle; and I've been to them all!"

    Greg A.


  • "Hot Power Vinyasa is amazing.  I've been practicing yoga on and off for 10 years.  I have finally found the right yoga and the right studio!  Thank you Hot Yoga Inc!"

    Jennifer H.


  • "Joining Hot Yoga Inc. has been a life changing experience for me.  I feel happier & healthier.  The Power classes have helped me strengthen and tone, while the Hatha classes give me focus.  I'm in it for life!"

    Lisa R.

    Hatha & Power

  • Karen P.

  • "Hatha has taught me far greater balance for my other physical activities. It has helped improved my body image!"

    Dan G.


  • "My friend got me to try hot yoga and now I'm hooked!"

    Jaime G.

  • "I am 28 years old, mother of two (4 and 1) and I had absolutely no energy left for them after finishing the never ending household chores.  After trying out the 10/10 at Hot Yoga Inc.  I am full of zest and energy and do not feel guilty for not being able to be an active mom around my kids. Now for a change I say "Let's go to the park kids" and I feel great! :) And the staff is amazing here, especially Maja and Danielle."

    Amina N.

  • "Hot yoga has been a great way to rehab after an injury. My strength, flexibility and balance has improved and will help to prevent further injury. "

    Alene A.

  • "I have a very high pressure and stressful job.  I've found that taking at least 3 to 4 classes a week totally reduces my stress level and helps me keep my cool!"

    April R.

  • Linda R.

  • "I have not felt this strong and peaceful in years.  The instructors are encouraging, helpful & knowledgeable.  This membership was the best birthday present."

    Cheryl C.


  • Hot Yoga has helped me tremendously in my personal and professional life. I am much more aware of what is important to me, such as being balanced and keeping my health important always. I come to hot yoga and I don't have to be "anybody" of "fix" anything. It is so freeing. I am thankful!

    Tracy H.

  • "Hot yoga has helped me to be more patient, to enjoy life with a more balanced attitude. On top of feeling great and more energized after each session.  At 40 plus I am more flexible and toned like I was in my twenties! Hot Yoga is worth every dime and every minute of my time!"

    Dina A.

  • "As a newbie to yoga I have found HYI to be awesome.  The instructors are great and very supportive.  The benefits are terrific!  I am so much more flexible than when I started, more toned & losing weight to boot. Yeah!  I'm hooked!"

    Lorraine W.


  • "Yoga has given Roger and me a chance to relax and spend quality time together.  Thanks Hot Yoga Inc. for all of your support, encouragement & kindness.

    Roger & Nicole

  • "We've been coming to Hot Yoga Inc. for over two years.  It's a great family activity and all of us really enjoy ourselves no matter which style we practice.  Every class is challenging but we each work at our own level. We've noticed an increase in flexibility and it's a great stress reliever.  Come join us!  

    The Vitellaro’s & Van Leyneseele’s

    We take all the classes!

  • We LOVE our Federal Way Mayor!! "The long time oldest!"

    Skip Priest

  • "I love hot yoga because it is a fantastic workout and all of the HYI studio locations make it so convenient!  XOXO"

    Angee B.

  • "Hatha is my favorite. I love how the heat helps me to relax, not to mention with the hot flashes!"


  • "We love the feeling of sweating and getting all of the toxins out of our bodies. But most of all, with our busy schedules, we love spending our time practicing at Hot Yoga Inc and getting healthy together."

    Ophie & Dennis

  • "I love Hatha yoga because it gives me a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Hot Yoga Inc. has helped me to be a more passionate person."

    Will S.

  • "The hottest, most variety, casual friendly studio around."

    Paul D.

  • "We started Hot Yoga Inc. in October and have been coming ever since.  I love it for my fibromyalgia and my husband no longer has back pain.  We're LIFERS!"

    Rob & Penny

  • "I am so excited to see all the changes in my body after only 20 sessions! I truly love hot yoga!"

    Roberta L.

  • Angela G.

  • "Hot yoga has done wonders for my lower back.  I've had back trouble for most of my life and I've noticed a huge improvement since doing hot yoga.  Additionally, at the end of a long stressful day, it clears my mind and helps me feel like I'm ready to tackle another day."

    Dachelle P.

  • "We love hot yoga!  My body feels awesome after class! So flexible and no aches."

    Tom and Jennifer S.

  • "The instructors at Hot Yoga Inc. are wonderful.  They are positive, inspiring, and answer all my questions.  The facilities are clean and peaceful."

    Cinnamon M.

  • "My birthday gift to myself is getting in shape!"

    Jillian B.

  • "I love yoga! It's the one place where I allow myself to decompress from the crazy life that keeps on living around me.  The one place that allows me to do so."

    Amy C.

  • "Yoga practice has brought my spiritual life to a place of balance I never thought possible.  Bringing about a sense of peace and happiness effecting all i come into contact with.  I can't remember being more happy."

    Derek W.

  • "Hot yoga has changed my life.  I finally feel healthy again after years of toxic buildup  Woot Woot!"

    Nichole F.

  • "Its great, staff is inspirational-no more cholesterol medication!  ya!!!"

    Dave S.

  • "I have found yoga to not only be physically challenging but very mentally relaxing.  It has helped me learn to relax in my work life.  My kids and I use our hot yoga time as family bonding."

    Terri H.

  • "I started coming to hot yoga inc. in 2009 and it has changed my life style and my view on how I treat my body in regard to what foods I put into my body.  Hot yoga is an important part of my life.  I remember when I first started hot yoga I could barely get through a class and now I come almost every day!  I love hot yoga!!!"

    Kayla C.

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. is my place to get invigorated, calm my mind, tone my muscles and uplift my spirits.  Every class is exceptional!  I truly enjoy my time at Hot Yoga Inc."

    Christina T.

  • "Love the way if clears my head when I walk out I feel completely refreshed!  Could be having the worst day and when ever I leave I am happy!"

    Keri S.

  • "Even on a bad day I love how I feel after doing yoga.  I feel purified and refreshed.  The instructors always make me want to do better and improve."

    Jay H.

  • I love hot yoga.  I am in my 2nd month and I just love it!  It has helped me with stress and I have more energy for my kids and family.  My hot yoga is my time, just like a massage, it's only one hour long: quick, effective and rewarding."

    Shivani L.

  • "Hot yoga has been a wonderful addition to my life.  Over the last several years my practice has grown tremendously.  I'm stronger and have more focus.  It is great to know that each day I can have an hour to myself not only to exercise, but also have quiet time.  Yay for Hot yoga!"

    Lindsay P.

  • "Hot yoga has completely changed my life!!! I have lost 80 pounds since I started! I started gaining incredible flexibility and mobility in my body, and learned to calm my mind.  The elements I have learned through yoga transpire into every aspect of my life!! HYI has transformed what hot yoga means by giving such a variety in my practice.  I love HYI!"

    Toni Davis

  • "I started yoga about 4 months ago and I can already feel the difference.  I love how flexible I'm getting and my body is toning more and more!  My goal is to keep improving."

    Addie M.

  • "Since I have started yoga, I feel stronger, more energized, and my skills are improving."

    Betty G.

  • "I really love yoga!  Yoga is great!"

    Blanca R.

  • "Hot yoga is amazing!  I find that I can shut out everything that is bothering me or stressing me out   After class I feel so relaxed yet energized, ready to take everything on!"

    Leilani M.

  • "Hot yoga has given me more than I ever expected. Strength, focus, peace and abs.  Sculpt is a spiritual experience."

    Travis Blount

  • "Hot yoga keeps me on track and balanced."

    Tami K

  • "I nearly fractured my neck in an accident at work.  I had done hot yoga for years.  After one week off, I returned to hot yoga and within the first day, my injury healed 50 percent.  Within the first week it was 90 percent healed.  There is no almost no pain in my neck."

    Marc C

  • When I first started Hot Yoga in Federal Way back in April 2009, I was a bit skeptical at first on how the results were going to turn out, but after the first class, I was hooked!  My body & mind felt amazing, detoxified and full of life.  Practicing this at least 3x's a week will improve your life dramatically!"

    Mark A.

  • "Hot Yoga is a wonderful stress reliever.  It's amazing what it does for the body both inside and out."

    Victoria H.

  • "Why I love yoga: Helps relieve my aches and pains-hip, shoulder, arm.  Peace and Quiet!!! My time!! Love it!!"

    Karen T.

  • "Was shocked to find myself."

    Jody A.

  • "No Yoga. No Peace. Know Yoga. Know Peace"

    Carlo G.

  • "Best stress relief!  Hot Yoga Inc. has helped me reduce my stress levels considerably."

    Carolyn D.

  • "Relaxing after a long day at work."

    Brenda A.

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. is the best thing that's ever happened to me.  I was a collegiate soccer athlete.  It's the only thing that has allowed me to maintain my level of fitness I had in college.  Most importantly, it makes me happy.  It's my escape."

    Adrianne P.

  • "I love it!"


  • "Yoga has saved my life.  It's fantastic and makes me feel centered and whole."

    Kendra T.

  • "Yoga has helped me to lose weight and lower my blood sugar levels. I started over a year ago and I am much more flexible.  I love the breathing exercises while I sweat. Everyone started asking me what I've been doing because I look so good.  My husband Ferguson, and my friends come too!"

    Sherifat A.

  • "I moved here from Nigeria and my blood sugar levels were through the roof, as well as my cholesterol.  After 3 months at Hot Yoga Inc., my blood sugar levels came down significantly and I have lost 10 lbs.   My husband and daughter now come as well. I am so happy.  Thank you Sherifat for bringing me to hot yoga!"

    Abimbola A.

  • "After my first month of yoga, I knew I was addicted.  I love to change up between all of the classes and look forward to coming every day.  Hot yoga has changed my life and I share it with everyone that I can convince to come...and they have all loved it as much as I do!"

    Dana W.

  • "Mind, body, and spirit come together at Hot Yoga Inc.  I have healed athletic injuries and become calmer and more focused."

    Lynn G.

  • "I love to stretch and sweat, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment and I feel so energized."

    Barbara B.

  • "It helps me de-tox and takes away those little daily aches and pains! :) "

    Don B.

  • "Hot yoga is a great outlet for stress and a break from work.  As a boxer, it has helped tremendously with flexibility and mental focus!"

    Heather M.

  • "I love Hot Yoga Inc. because it's like a mini tropical vacation!"


  • "I get to feel the limits of my mind and body in yoga.  But with practice, I can push those limits further."

    Moriah B.

  • "Yoga has changed my life in so many ways for the better.  I like Hot Yoga Inc. because of the flexibility and variety that their studios provide, and all the instructors are friendly and respectable."

    Garrett S.

  • "To all men (especially over 50): come 3 times a week to hot yoga and you will feel younger, and younger, and younger."

    Mark K.

  • "The cross functional fitness provided by hot yoga and the amazing staff is invaluable to anyone trying to keep in the game and stay injury free."

    Craig B.

    Member Since 2008

  • "I've lost over 100 pounds with the help of Hot Yoga Inc. Before HYI, I was struggling with clinical depression and my choices and body reflected it.  In May 2010, my girlfriend talked me into taking my first class.  It was extremely hard and I struggled to stay in the room. I decided to keep going and the more I practiced the better I felt, both in and out of the hot room.  Naturally my food choices became healthier and I drank water constantly so I could take more hot yoga. The instructors were so encouraging and welcoming that I started to practice 5 or more times a week; and even completed power teacher training. Today I'm 100 lbs lighter, a certified yoga instructor, and living a better, healthier, and completely happier life. Thank you HYI."

    Zach H.

  • "I started coming to the Kirkland studio in 2003.  It's insane.  I love it!"



    Mike Morgan #57 Seattle Seahawks

  • Malcolm Smith Super Bowl XLVIII MVP

  • "Keeps me healthy!  Very good!"

  • "Hot Yoga is a great way to stay flexible, focused and healthy."


  • "I love it!"

    Jeff M.



  • "Go SEAHAWKS!!!"


  • "Go SEAHAWKS!!!"


  • "I do Hot Yoga 2-3 times a week because this studio is awesome!"

    Thom M.

  • "The hottest workout I've ever done, ever!  Love that in one hour I feel like I spent all day at the gym!" Kellie "LOVE it!  It is the beach in the middle of the Seattle winter.  Huge stress relief!" KW  

    Kellie & KW

  • "Been coming since 2003."

    Bob H.

  • "I'm a dancer and martial artist.  I love the art of movement.  Yoga helps more than anything.  It elevates my mind, body, and spirit.  Seems that the things that help are the things you've got to work for."

    Ceso M.

  • "I work about 12 hours on the PC.  Before yoga I used to get pain in my wrists and my forearms.  With regular yoga, 1 to 2x's a week, I don't get the pain anymore and I feel a lot better."


  • “When I had to give up playing basketball, I thought I’d be condemned to treadmills and elliptical trainers for my cardio workout. Then I discovered  Hot Yoga Inc. I’m passionate about working out again, look forward to each class, and  amazed how exhausted I am after doing an hour of Power Yoga. I LOVE Hot Yoga Inc.!”

    Greg K.

  • "I always feel better after I come!"

    Nicole A.

  • "Helps me sleep better and keeps me in shape cause I'm too lazy to do anything else."

    Sasha H.

  • "I come to hot yoga for stress relief, weight loss, strength, flexibility, fun!  I miss it when I can't come."

    Sue K.

  • "I love Hot Yoga!.

    Maria M.

  • "I absolutely love yoga.  Whenever I need some balance I can go and find myself.  Not only can I feel an amazing burn from class but when I leave I feel like a million bucks!"

    Ashley B.

  • "We love coming to yoga!  It gives us a workout but also helps us relax after a long day!"

    Karli S. Kelsey J. & family

  • "I'm a fireman and I need these classes because they really help with my strength and flexibility.  I can feel tremendous improvements in  my body!"  Jim

    "I feel so refreshed.   I'm building muscle and strengthening my spine and whole body."  Claire

    Jim & Clarie B.

  • "I've been coming for years.  It's a great way to decompress and ease my stress levels.  Even if I come feeling tired I always leave relaxed and re-energized."

    Naomi C.

    Member Since 2009

  • "I'm stronger overall.  I come all the time".


  • "I love all the teachers.  OK..., maybe not 45 minutes into any given class.  But really, they're consistently great;  thoughtful, motivating, and full of life.  Without them I'd be useless.


  • Go Seahawks!!!

    Dexter D. & Pierre A.

  • "Class #4 and I already feel stronger and more flexible.  My lower back feels great already".


  • "There is absolutely nothing like Hot Yoga for stress relief and relaxation.  Plus, its good for you!"

    Michael A.

  • "Makes me feel so good!  I've improved  my flexibility.  I mean, I just love everything about it!"

    Katie Z.

  • "Been coming since 2006.  Dropped 40 lbs. and love it!  Never felt better.  It's excellent stress management".


    Power & Hatha

  • "I met the love of my life at HYI.  It's the most amazing love affair of my life!"

    Jeff B.

  • "I love yoga because it keeps me in peace with chocolate... Love Linda's hot yoga because it keeps me happy and healthy."

    Renata W.

  • Doing hot yoga has improved my flexibility.  I sleep better.  I concentrate better.  I love doing hot yoga everyday.  Its a good addiction to have :)


  • "Hatha is an amazing workout and the instructors mix it up a little bit each time which is great."

    David B.


  • "I was skeptical at first, but now I'm a huge fan and I LOVE it!"

    Traci Z.

  • "I'm getting kinda addicted!"

    Mary R.

  • "I love it!"

    Eleonora P.

  • "It's AWESOME!  I love it!"

    Julie B.

  • "I am a 10-0 undefeated fighter. I do hot yoga almost every day and have gained so much mentally, physically and spiritually."

    Ben W.

  • "I like the affect it has on my mind and body. I feel a sense of contentment.  

    Chris L.

    Member Since 2009

  • "I'm loving it  I'm trying all the classes!"


  • "Quiet, peaceful, fantastic!  Hatha last night, yin the night before.  I slept so good!"

    Peter H.

  • "I come because I feel awesome after.  It makes me feel happy, joyous and free!"

    Brett F.

  • "I love hot yoga cause it's amazing.  Makes me feel good every time I'm here.  It's amazing!"

    Missy S.

  • "Gives me energy, makes me feel alive!"

    Jim P.

  • "Yoga healed me through my last divorce.  It's an adult playground!  It's a physical struggle, I admit.  But it's so worth it.  I feel peace."

    Liz D.

    Member Since 2012

  • "I love the variety of classes and clean facility.  I love the challenge!  It keeps me lean!  I can take class in Mill Creek when I visit my parents, I can take in Seattle when I'm training clients, and in Bellevue when i'm home.  I love it!"

    Laine M.


  • "Hot Yoga has helped me heal physically after breaking my femur. Hot Yoga Inc. has been a place that has introduced me to a healthier way of living both emotionally and physically."

    Ashley W.

  • "Yoga is such a big part of my life.  The inner peace it brings to my heart & soul can not be measured.  My body feels great but the serenity is the best.  My favorite class is power.  The teachers and staff are wonderful!  It's my home away from home."

    Heidi G.

  • "Hot Yoga benefits my life physically & mentally. I used to get sick all the time, but now my immune system has strengthened immensely and I'm always full of energy.  I'm stronger emotionally.  Hot yoga helped me through stressful situations in my life.  Not to mention I was losing weight without intending to do so, the work out is just the icing on the cake".

    Eman A.

  • "When I came to my first class, five years ago, I had many preconceptions. I'd always been physically active:  running, gym aerobics, and weight lifting. I thought yoga couldn’t possibly have anything to offer me.It was so hard I couldn’t believe it. I’d never been so sore in my life.  I've found a balance of effort & relaxation which is contrary to everything I’ve done in my life.  It brings my mind into the present, to be where I am, in a completely new way".

    Bruce D.

  • "I have been practicing hot yoga for 4 years and I cannot imagine my life without it.  In this crazy upside down world, yoga helps me to keep a mental, physical and spiritual balance to it all.  I have learned from yoga many things that I am able to put to use in my everyday life and it brings a sense of calm like no other.  Yoga is not just an exercise, sport or hobby, it is a lifestyle".

    Kelly T.


  • "It's changed my life. I have exercised regularly my entire life and nothing has ever had the impact of hot yoga. It has not only created a body I am proud of, more importantly, it has helped my spirit to learn to be calm and focused, even during times of stress. I tell people it's magical".

    Kathy B.

  • "Our favorite class is Hatha. If we can do it, anyone can do it!"

    Dave & Renee


  • "My favorite class by far is Power. I think it represents the perfect harmony between an intensive but unpredictable workout with the serenity yoga brings to the table."

    Juan N.


  • "I have been coming to Hot Yoga Inc. for about a year and a half now and I feel like I have my life back!  I was suffering from a lot of connective tissue pain and inflammation.  I had joint pain, headaches and low energy. Now I'm pretty much pain free.  I am free from headaches and I am skiing again for the first time in 15 years. I have lost about 35lbs and kept it off.  My body is toned and I am happy. (Oh, and my husband says he is happy with the way I look as well!) The instructors are the best.  They are like family.  I am so thankful I found Hot Yoga Inc. I love my yoga practice and my life is better now because of it".

    Tammy H.


  • "In the earlier years of my life, I played sports to keep active and stay in shape. After my sports playing days ended, I tried various other methods to get my exercise, however, these either caused injuries or were so un-motivating that I hated to do them and finally ended up doing nothing for several years. Over two years ago at age 49 I tried Hot Yoga, which provides both my physical and mental health needs, and I plan to do it for as long as I can".

    John P.

  • "Hot Yoga Inc. has given me new strength physically & mentally and has helped heal a knee injury I had from a bad fall.  The many different forms of yoga offered and the heat therapy gives me a sense of well-being and balance in my life.  It has reduced my feelings of stress as well as helping to relieve depression when we have a lot of dark rainy weather here in Seattle.  Hot Yoga has also given me a fuller social life with all the wonderful yoga friends and awesome instructors I get to be with daily. Practicing yoga with others gives me energy and a feeling of connection with people, and our studio is a supportive and diverse community.  I always feel welcome and can't say enough about the friendly atmosphere. Hot Yoga has become a very important part of my life and I am forever grateful".

    Pam P.

  • "Power is my favorite class because it is really an everything workout: movement, stretching, cardio & mental.  It is never the same, every time there is something different so you don't plateau on improvement.  I love that at the start of class I have little love handles, but by the end they're gone! :)  For an hour of the day I get to shut off my constantly - over- analyzing-brain and not have to think, I have someone tell me, and I can just go with the "flow" literally. But my absolute FAVORITE part of yoga are the teachers at HYI!!!!"

    Maggie T.


  • "I have been practicing at Hot Yoga Inc. since the day they opened. It has truly been life changing for me. I have been a member of many gyms over the years and would always find excuses not to go. I practice yoga 5-6 days a week and am always excited and motivated to go to every class. I'm 32 and in the best shape of my life. I have more energy and a calmer mind. It has also helped with my insomnia. Yoga has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel I have a new lease on life!"

    Melissa T.

  • "My favorite class is power. I feel like I’m getting great cardio and at the same time improving my strength.  I always feel more flexible and cleansed after each class".

    Jamie K.


  • Carolina

  • "Experienced & friendly instructors, clean well-kept facilities, and hot and challenging classes.  Come lose weight, feel great and have fun!"

    Josh B.

  • Jenny J.

  • "Hatha is my favorite, it's the best!" John M.

    "Hatha is my favorite class, I love all of the delicious stretches and how relaxed it makes me!" Angela M.

    John & Angela

  • "Not only does an emotional, physical, and spiritual transformation await you with every class, but it is something you and your significant other can do together!"

    Dave P.

    Member Since 2009

  • "I could not believe that after doing classes for about 2 months, there was no more back pain. I was so excited!!  I discovered that the Hot Yoga classes not only took away the back pain, my flexibility was so much better and the sweating was so detoxifying.  "Hot Yoga, it does the body good!"

    Connie R.

  • "I have been coming for about 7 months now. The staff has always makes me feel welcome and at home.  Hot Yoga Inc. has provided me with a new focus in my life.  Practicing has helped me understand that my goals for strength and flexibility are achievable with hard work.  I find myself have a lot more energy, and making better choices in life.”

    Paul B.

  • "I started a year and a half ago.  After my first class I was hooked and quickly realized the challenging Power classes would help achieve a level of fitness I could never reach with my usual routine.  I now practice five days a week, and have logged over 200 hours of class time.  In addition to the physical challenge, I also enjoy the sense of community and truly feel like a part of the family there".

    Kevin N.


  • "Power yoga makes me strong! I lost 18 pounds in two months and I couldn't even do a pushup before."

    Bianca V.

  • "I've been coming for 7 years.  It takes away my neck and back pain.  When I don't come, the pain returns.  It's amazing".

    Martin S.

  • “Hot yoga is a physical and mental challenge both of which I LOVE to do!  In a dedicated 1 hour session I have a workout that leaves my body and mind personally satisfied, done in a short amount of time.  I practice at the federal way location where I find the energy to be incredible”.

    Ben V.

  • The physical changes are very obvious: weight loss, toned/defined muscles, better balance,improved lung capacity, more stamina, chronic neck/back pain is now occasional and less severe.  The mind/spirit changes are less obvious but just as profound.  Every class is a unique experience. I wants to thank my son, Jason, for starting me on this life transforming journey.

    Georgia M.

  • Hatha lets me tune in, chill out and shape up -- all at the same time. It has that relaxing element, but it doesn't mean you're not gonna break a sweat :)

    Diana A

    Hot Hatha

  • "My favorite class is the power.  The variety of strong teachers allows me to strengthen my practice through their array of challenging asanas".

    Fred W.


  • "In less than 10 classes I found relief from 15 years of back and neck pain from car accidents, and five years of insomnia.  Hot yoga purifies my body to the point that I feel like I'm reversing the aging process".

    Travis J.


  • "I love all the classes but the 6am power classes have got me hooked.  I can't start my day without one.  They're worth getting up early for".

    Nicole M.