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Zach 1 Year Later

"I've lost over 100 pounds with the help of Hot Yoga Inc. Before HYI, I was struggling with clinical depression and my choices and body reflected it. In May 2010, my girlfriend talked me into taking my first class. It was extremely hard and I struggled to stay in the room. I decided to keep going and the more I practiced the better I felt, both in and out of the hot room. Naturally my food choices became healthier and I drank water constantly so I could take more hot yoga. The instructors were so encouraging and welcoming that soon I started to practice 5 or more times a week; and even completed power teacher training. Today I'm 100 lbs lighter, a certified yoga instructor, and living a better, healthier, and completely happier life. Thanks you HYI."

Zach H.

Why Hot Yoga?

This low impact exercise works with your body’s natural range of motion.  It is excellent for cardiac health.  Unlike other forms of exercise that can eventually damage the body from overuse, with yoga, the more you practice the more you improve.  In other forms of fitness you hit your peak performance and decline.  With a regular yoga practice you will only get better.

Hot Yoga Inc. state of the art studios use infrared technology. Infrared light warms the body which promotes a deep sweat to help eliminate toxins and allow muscles and joints to stretch further with a lower risk of injury.
Infrared light stimulates cell production to promote healthy muscle tissue and organs that regular exercise cannot achieve. You will lose body fat and increase your metabolism permanently, as you get stronger.  A regular yoga practice also balances hormones that help you sleep deeply and wake-up renewed.

Increase your cell turnover for a radiant complexion

Decreased blood flow and oxygenation of tissue cause cell death, build-up of toxins, and premature aging.  Yoga expands and contracts your body enabling light/heat to efficiently break through blocked energy.  The light, which your body feels as heat, enters and stimulates your cells as photons. The photons are absorbed by the photoreceptors and strike damaged tissue/free radicals.  This process increases vibration between and within cells and encourages proliferation and communication.  Increasing the light in your body, also known as chi, creates waves of perfect harmony within.  This incredible process softens your skin, diminishes the appearance of cellulite, and produces a radiant glow.

Create greater flexibility and make everyday activities more enjoyable

Most people are inflexible or become inflexible over time.  Muscles and joints stiffen from under use and/or jobs that require long hours of sitting or bending.  This can compress and disfigure the spine, and cause muscle to conform to incorrect alignment.  Additionally, as you age, your collagen fibers begin to cross and toughen, causing progressive hardening and loss of flexibility.  Hot Yoga increases blood flow to these hard to reach areas.  This is key in keeping cells supple and healthy.

Improve your balance and posture

You will improve your balance and posture.  This becomes even more important as you age.  Poor posture weakens your body, burdens your organs, and depletes your energy.  Elderly people who have a fear of falling often limit their activities.  This alone can negatively impact their quality and enjoyment in life.  Moreover, lack of physical fitness reduces mobility, bone density, and muscle mass.  Correct physical alignment keeps your systems functioning properly, builds strength, and improves your self image.  Staying strong decreases the risk of accident induced illness and stress.   Yoga postures create stability, correct skeletal and muscular alignment, and balance.

Bring a sense of wellness, relaxation, and promote deep sleep by removing impurities that affect your body and mind

Often we focus on our outward appearance and do not realize the effects our emotions have on our physical body.  Sadness, stress, anxiety, frustration, disappointment, depression, and other emotions, show on our face and in the way we carry ourselves.  Furthermore, as young children negative emotions we are not yet able to handle can be absorbed in our bodies and embedded at a cellular level.  A regular yoga practice can release these trapped emotions and set us free.

Boost your endorphins and feel happier everyday

Persistant fatigue is often a result of the fast paced world in which many of us live today.  Stress causes disease.   A chronic state depletes your adrenal glands and weakens your immune system leaving you feeling anxious, depressed, and disconnected.  When we are in a state of stress we subconsciously hold our breath, creating an even greater burden to our body.  Chest breathing leads to lower oxygen levels which make your body vulnerable to chronic disease.  Yoga teaches diaphragmatic breathing which increases oxygen levels and helps alleviate stress from your body and mind.

Increase your athleticism

To be effective exercise must increase in challenge.  Hot Yoga Inc. is where our own Seattle Seahawks turn for their hot yoga workouts.

Spirit is the Latin word for breath.  Reconnect to your soul.

Learning to relax heightens awareness of your body and its stress triggers.  Correct breathing increases oxygen levels necessary for proper bodily functions.  More importantly, you will learn tools to deal with the things that really matter to you, and to gracefully learn to let go of things that do not.

Reduce inflammation to heal & relieve chronic pain

Hot yoga dilates blood vessels and increases oxygen flow to stimulate your cells  healing power.  This effectively reduces joint and muscle pain, and heals and prevents injuries. Improved blood flow to the lymphatic system reduces inflammation.  Your body can produce powerful pain relieving chemicals, as strong as pharmaceuticals, to alleviate chronic pain and illness.  Arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism,  and many other maladies are improved through a regular yoga practice.  It is not uncommon for many ailments to be cured all together. In fact, some doctors now prescribe yoga as a form of physical therapy.  Yoga heals and strengthens the body and its systems, and is especially beneficial to the immune system.

Infrared rapidly and safely warms your body promoting the detoxification benefits of sweat.

Skin is your body’s largest organ and often considered your third kidney.  Deep sweat keeps channels of elimination open and relieves sinus congestion/pressure and migraine pain.  Hot Yoga does for the inside of your body what a shower does to your outside.  It is a natural body deodorizer.  As you begin your hot yoga practice you may notice that your sweat is salty, sticky, malodorous, and/or oily.  After your tenth class, you will become healthier; and the healthier you become, the faster you break a sweat.  As your body becomes more efficient salty fluids near the surface of the skin will return to the blood. Thus, your blood quantity as well as water content in the body will increase dramatically.  More water in our cells keeps our blood thin and more fluid.  Weight gain from water is never fat, and hydration is essential to good health.

Hydrate to maximize the results of your hot yoga practice.

Your body is 70% water.  Good hydration is essential for processing and maintaining a stable environment for cellular function.   Your well-hydrated body will efficiently eliminate toxins and impurities, and increase nutrient absorption for growth and renewal.

Calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are the salient minerals to balance body fluid.  Calcium fires your muscles, magnesium relaxes them, potassium regulates water balance, and sodium is the spark.  These minerals protect against dehydration and will help you feel energized, and your body running at its best.

Come and be apart of our special studios and meet like-minded people working toward better health and wellness, just like you!

Our state of the art studios are friendly and supportive.  We love and care deeply about our students.  Each and every person that comes to our studio becomes a part of our family.  Come as you are.  We look forward to knowing you.

We are progressive and always on the leading edge of fitness.  Our classes are fun, energetic, challenging, and designed to meet all your wellness needs.   Our  large variety of instructors keep it fresh.

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  • "I love Hot Yoga Inc. for healthy love."  Sofi "Class #1 with my mom!  check back in 30 days."

    Sofi and Yoanna

    Mill Creek STUDIO

    Favorite Class :

  • "I have been coming to Hot Yoga Inc. for about a year and a half now and I feel like I have my life back!  I was suffering from a lot of connective tissue pain and inflammation.  I had joint pain, headaches and low energy. Now I'm pretty much pain free.  I am free from headaches and I am skiing again for the first time in 15 years. I have lost about 35lbs and kept it off.  My body is toned and I am happy. (Oh, and my husband says he is happy with the way I look as well!) The instructors are the best.  They are like family.  I am so thankful I found Hot Yoga Inc. I love my yoga practice and my life is better now because of it".

    Tammy H.

    Mill Creek STUDIO

    Favorite Class : Hatha

  • "I come to hot yoga for stress relief, weight loss, strength, flexibility, fun!  I miss it when I can't come."

    Sue K.

    Bellevue STUDIO

    Favorite Class :

  • knee replacement rehabilitation

    "After a 10-year break from hot yoga, I started practicing again (with the support of my surgeon) to help recover from a knee replacement that occurred in 2014. Although the surgery was a success, my knee was frequently stiff and achy.  After just 3 months my knee feels strong, more flexible, and some days it actually feels normal! It hasn't felt this great in a long time. In addition to yoga several days a week, I'm also using acupuncture treatments every other week to postpone a hip replacement.  I feel like I'm taking good care of myself and am delighted with the results! " Leslee T.

    Leslee T.

    Mill Creek STUDIO

    Favorite Class :